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Sunday, July 9, 2017

Cat Breed - BURMILLA

A variety of domestic cat of the Asian feline species, the Burmilla (sometimes referred to as a 'Tiffany') is the result of a chance intermixture of two other breeds, namely, the Burmese and the Chinchilla Persian; its beginnings were in the U.K. and it was first produced back in 1981 but it had to wait another 10 or more years until it was officially granted championship status.

Female Burmilla cat
Female Burmilla cat (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
These cats are of average size, with strong physiques, small muzzles, a circular shaped face and large, vivid eyes in shades of brilliant green, blue, and even yellow or amber in the kitten stage; the black variety of Burmillas' have dark eyeliner. Their ears are large and rounded and they have reddish-pink noses, (some varieties have a black nose).

The length of the Burmillas' fur comes in three classes: the most usual type has a soft, silky short-hair coat; the Long-hair Burmilla, produced from a recessive gene, has a smooth, glossy coat that lays close to the skin, and a long, opulent looking tail; the third variety is known as a 'Plush', similar to the Short-hair except it has a thicker, woolier coat.

Burmilla fur colors are many and varied, and include: blue, black, brown, deep-brown and grayish-pink; red, yellowish-white and tortoiseshell varieties have also been produced. A silvery or golden colored undercoat is the norm for this breed; pattern-wise, their fur can be either, shaded (coat is a quarter colored), tipped (a fine dusting of color over the undercoat), or smoked (solid colored fur with a soft, whitish basis to each individual hair).

The Burmilla's personality is inquisitive, self-reliant and warm, without being overly-friendly; they are kittenish and active even into adulthood; getting along well with other pets and young children, they may live up to an age of 15 years or more. Health-wise, they are very fit and hardy and have few problems being suitable as pets for families or elderly owners as they require little attention and grooming (once weekly).

Thursday, March 16, 2017

BURMILLA CATS - Learn More About Them

Burmilla cats are strikingly beautiful. Their parentage is the Bernese and Chinchilla cat breeds. They have a striking contrast between their tipping or shading and their silver undercoat. You will also note that they have delicate Tabby markings on their head, legs and tail. They should have a distinct "M" mark on their forehead.

A male Burmilla cat in the United Kingdom. His...
A male Burmilla cat in the United Kingdom. His name is Ollie :-) Actually, his official pedigree name is Fandango Oliver Hardy and he comes from a long line of show-winners, but he isn't a show-cat. His official colour is blue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The eyes of Burmilla cats are striking. In fact many people find their eyes to be their most striking feature. These cats always have eyes in a beautiful shade of green with dark penciling around the lids as if they are wearing eyeliner.

These very distinct looking cats are tipped or shaded in one of five colors: chocolate; brown; blue; lilac or black. Their coat can be shaded or tipped.

You will find that Burmilla cats have brick red noses that are also outlined in a very dark color. This makes their faces quite unique. Their hair feels like raw silk and is generally dense. They either have short hair or semi-long hair depending on the variety.

These cats are outgoing, friendly and personable which makes them a joy to have in your family. It is not known as a noisy cat but it is not completely quiet either. They are naturally adventuresome and inquisitive.

You can find a Burmilla cat to adopt or purchase by searching online. They are quite common in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Burmillas do not need a lot of maintenance and are very good with children and other cats. Their personality makes them a joy and they very much become part of your family. You should not have a problem adding one of these cats to your household.

If you are interested in this breed you can do some more research to make sure you can provide a great home to one of these beautiful cats.

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