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Friday, August 10, 2018


(Original Title: Appenzell Mountain Dog)

Appenzeller Sennenhund
Appenzeller Sennenhund (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Breed group: Mastiff
Weight: 49-70 lbs
Height: Males 22-23 inches, females 18-20 inches

There is not complete agreement on the origin of this breed. The one theory is that the Appenzell Mountain dog is a native breed that dates back to the Bronze Age, and the other is that is descended from the Molossus and the later brought into Switzerland by the Romans. These dogs are one of the four Swiss Sennenhunds, with the Appenzell Mountain dog being the rarest of the four. These dogs make outstanding herd dogs, seeing that they are without a tire in the mountains. The Appenzell are also very flexible when it comes to pulling carts, and they were used to bring cheese and milk to the merchants in town from the valleys. This is a very hard working breed that loves to work with the herd when it is not guarding its master.

The Appenzell Mountain dog has a very high intelligence, and they are also very active. They do well with other animals and people, especially when they have been socialized well from an early age onwards. These dogs can, however, be wary of strangers. This is an active breed that will need a lot of exercises. They will flourish with agility and skill training, but also be a bit noisy and get bored easily. This is definitely not an indoor dog. This dog is a tough dog that has sober habits. The Appenzell Mountain dog will be devoted to the whole family, but will probably bond closely with one member.

This breed has a straight-haired double coat that does not require a lot of care. Dead hears can be removed with a rubber brush from time to time to keep their coats in a good condition.

This breed will do best in a consistent and well-balanced training environment. It is important for this dog to be socialized well with different types of situations, animals, and people. Due to the intelligence of these dogs, they will learn very quickly. These dogs like to be given a task to complete. The Appenzell Mountain dog loves to be outdoors, especially when its trainer is close by. This dog will do very well in skills trials and games of catch. The Appenzell can be very noisy, but they are outgoing dogs that make excellent watchdogs. The Appenzell Mountain dog is a very pleasant and warm dog, but prefers the freedom of wide open spaces and therefore not well suited for indoor living.

Health problems
The Appenzell Mountain dog is a very tough and healthy breed that has no breed-specific conditions worth reporting.