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Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Information Regarding the CYMRIC CAT

Remarkable for its absent or short tail, Cymric is a feline breed that is essentially the same as the Manx cat, but for its longer hair. In fact the two cats are believed to have originated a long time back on the Isle of Man, an island in the Irish sea located close to Wales in United Kingdom. Many believe that the name 'Cymric' is derived from the Gaelic word for Welsh. In any case the cat has lived on the isolated island for centuries in both the short and longhair versions. 

English: Long-haired Manx (Cymric)
Long-haired Manx (Cymric)
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The absence of tail is believed to be a result of a genetic mutation. The trait perpetuated owing to the separation of these cats from other breeds. The modern history of Cymric cats is often traced to Canada where they were first formally bred in nineteen sixties and later exported to United States. The cats lack general acceptance amongst cat fanciers at the moment and are registered with select bodies currently.

Cymrics have a solid cobby physique. They are medium sized animals with a stocky build. Head is round with a somewhat shortened muzzle, bright circular eyes and medium sized ears. Coat is long and double layered and is seen in numerous colors and patterns including bicolor, solid, tabby and tortie. Fur is generally smooth and lustrous. Legs are short and strong and paws are big and rounded.

Tail of the Cymric is either completely absent or occurs in varying degrees of length. At the most though, it is either a small protuberance or short stump. The vertebrae of the back are short and coupled with the fact that the hind legs are longer than front ones, give the cat an arched appearance. In some severe cases there are neurological disorders owing to a deformed spine and may lead to various health issues.

Cymrics are intelligent cats. They are often compared to dogs when it comes to temperament. Theirs is a very pleasant and well rounded personality. Relaxed and affectionate these gentle cats are quite tolerant of other pets and children.