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Friday, December 29, 2017

The Beauty Of CAVACHON Puppies

Photo  by Bev Goodwin 
Few things make a home more welcoming that the addition of an animal who provides the right amount of companionship, love and other great comforts. Dogs, in particular, are very good at filling these needs since the different breeds are as diverse in lifestyle needs and personality characteristics as humans are. Some individuals may find that the Cavachon puppies offered by breeders in Kent, OH are the best match for them.

When searching for a dog to bring into the home, it is important to select one based on more than just their looks or their cuteness factor. One should take the time to understand the breed as adopting a pup means a commitment that lasts their lifetime. Choosing a canine type that fits the lifestyle of the household and the personalities of the humans within it will make the blending smooth and satisfying.

This particular breed is a hybrid between a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and a Bichon Frise. The combination of the two makes for an undeniably adorable physical result but they have many great traits that will be pleasing to many. By that same token, they may be lacking in certain characteristics that other individuals are seeking.

As far as size goes, they only grow to a maximum height of about 16" and 20lbs, which classifies them as small to medium. They can be white with spots of black, red or sable, or they may have a tortoiseshell mix of all three colors in one blotch. Though absolutely beautiful and classy, they are not purebred and therefore not recognized by the AKC.

The coats on these pups may either grow in loose curls like the Bichon, or in gentle, silky waves as those of the Spaniel. The shorter styles require no regular maintenance, however, the longer strands need to be brushed daily and should be trimmed by a professional groomer on a routine basis. Regardless of fur type, the dogs are virtually non-shedders and do not produce a noticeable amount of dander which makes them a favored option among individuals with allergies.

Affectionate, loving and gentle are just a few of the words commonly used to describe this breed. They tend to be naturally happy and cheerful and show an intelligence level that is beyond average. Aggression is not in their nature but they will growl or bark protectively if they think their family is threatened by strangers or odd noises.

Cavachons are deeply family oriented and love children, especially those who are gentle and considerate. Much like those little playmates, the pups also crave lots of attention and can exhibit unsavory behaviors when left home alone for hours or when they feel ignored. This can usually be avoided by having additional pets in the home or simply letting a radio or television play while the people are away.

Every creature has some sort of health issue and this breed is no different. They may be prone to skin conditions due to sensitivities, heart conditions, hip dysplasia and ear infections if not properly tended. Anyone considering adding one of these pups to their household should make sure they will easily fit into their existing lifestyle.

    About the Author: Iva Cannon