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Monday, January 15, 2018

Is A SHAR PEI The Right Breed Of Dog For You?

Shar Pei
Photo by danja.
Shar-Pei is a large breed of dog that originally descended from China. Even though they nearly went extinct, they have enjoyed a comeback since the beginning of the 20th Century. They are now a favorite among families that want a quiet and reserved dog that is still a good guardian.

However, prior to considering investing in a Shar-Pei to be part of your family, here are seven facts that you need to consider this beautiful and wrinkly dog.

They Aren't Overly Affectionate

If you are the type of family that loves a demonstrative dog who gives lots of kisses, then this breed is not right for you. The dog is loyal and devoted to families but they are also independent, quiet, and sometimes even aloof.

They Don't Trust Strangers

These dogs do not trust strangers whether animal or human. While they are a bit more aggressive with strange dogs, they may also attack other animals including cats that may roam into their territory. Shar-Pei puppies should be totally socialized with different kinds of people before they are sold or adopted out.

Their Wrinkles Can Cause Skin Infections

Shar-Pei's wrinkles are a big part of their personality but they need to be kept clean. The wrinkles trap dirt as well as skin oils which may cause infections. You need to ensure that you clean the wrinkles by wiping them down at least a couple of times a month to prevent this from happening.

They are Naturally Clean Dogs

This breed can prove to be stubborn in most of the areas of training, but you can easily housebreak them. They take care of their own grooming and aren't as prone to rolling in the dirt as other breeds.

They can overheat

Shar-Pei flat faces make them more prone to overheating. Look out for any signs of dehydration or heat prostration such as panting, twitching, or unconsciousness. Ensure that you always have fresh water available for your dog.

They are Not Suited to Living Outdoors

In spite of their size, Shar-Pei isn't suited to life in the backyard all alone. If they are left completely alone, they can get moody and aggressive, even towards members of the family. Even though quite independent, they still love and enjoy human company.

They are Prone to Ear Infections

Shar-Pei has small ear canals that keeps them moist, which may lead to ear infections. You can often identify the infections due to their yeast-like odor.

In conclusion, those are the things you need to know about Shar-Pei. You should consider each and every factor before getting yourself one.

Monday, February 20, 2017

Chinese SHAR PEI Puppies - Watch Dogs Of The Far East

As the name tells us, these dogs originate from China. They have been part of farm life in China from time immemorial. Farmers used this dogs as guards against predators and perhaps as herding dogs as well, in some parts of the country. Chinese Shar Pei puppies will eventually grow into fairly large medium-sized dogs. They aren't huge but they certainly aren't teacups.

English: My bonemouth Chinese Shar-Pei's first...
My bonemouth Chinese Shar-Pei's first litter. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The average weight for a Shar Pei is right in the mid-range, 40 to 55 pounds. This weight class is about the middle weight size of all dog breeds.

If we were able to follow the genetic roots of this dog breed we would probably find that there are many different lineages and breeds that have contributed to the Shar Pei we know today. This is usually the case for medium sized dogs and it makes sense, because many different breeds and sizes of dog have intermixed for generations, causing for the majority of these dogs to fall into the middle weight range in our modern day.

If you've just bought a Chinese Shar Pei puppy and you're wondering about names, might we suggest a traditional Chinese name to honor the lineage. Or, you could give the dog a Chinese name and an English name too. Sure, we like that idea as well. One could be the full name and the other a nick name; have fun with it, pets are supposed to be fun and there are no set rules for naming your pet.

Shar Peis are natural watch dogs, that was their primary purpose as they were bred, so they will make a good guard dog for the home. But, they are also not an overly aggressive breed so they will be fine with children (other breeds like Dobermans and Terriers are not). These are great family dogs, and can adapt to any environment from the biggest city to the most remote village.

Unfortunately they are prone to several medical conditions, as all dogs are prone to certain ailments. With the Chinese Shar Pei you have to watch their thyroid levels and their kidneys. Those are their weak spots. You'll be fine if you simply take your dog to the veterinarian for their regular checkups.
This is especially important for dogs as they get older. This dog breed live until around the age of ten, so at the age of five will be considered middle aged, from here you'll need to keep an eye on their weight. If they put on weight, it could be a thyroid condition. Be on the lookout.

If you're interested in information about buying Chinese Shar Pei puppies there are many routes that you can take, however the best method that we have found is looking for Shar Pei owners and asking how and where they got their puppy. It can truly be a time saver.

    By Kevin Highfill
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