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Tuesday, February 28, 2017


Before we begin to give you additional information on this topic, take a moment to think about what you already know.

Cats are basically very tidy creatures. They are in the habit of grooming themselves by licking every part of their body clean with their tongue.

This habit of tongue-bathing has several benefits to your pet cat:

- promotes better circulation of the blood
- gets rid of dead skin cells
- removes excess/dead hair on their coat
- tones their muscles
- keeps the fur soft and clean

Although your feline friends groom on their own, you should still do your part in keeping your cat clean and well-groomed.

A Nervous Groom
Photo by jurvetson
Here are several ways to keep your cat well-groomed:

1. Brushing

Depending on the breed, your cat can either have long or short hair. Make sure that you brush your cat’s coat well enough to promote proper grooming.

-For cats with short hair, use a brush with soft bristles so that the skin will not be scratched or hurt in the grooming process.

Use soft, gentle strokes while brushing. This should make them purr in pleasure and you will have an easier job of grooming your pet cat.

After brushing the coat with a comb, you can finish the job by wiping the fur with a dry, soft and clean piece of cloth. This should maintain the shine on your cat’s coat.

-As compared to cats with shorter hair, long-haired cats would require more brushing time.

For this, use a comb with wide-teeth that is specially designed for cats. This should initially remove the knots and tangles on their fur.

Afterwards, you can use a fine-toothed comb to work the smaller knots on the fur and eliminate the more stubborn knots.

Do not forget to brush the hair around the face with a smaller comb or a toothbrush.

Avoid the eye and whisker area when brushing.

Brushing your cats fur on a regular basis will help keep their coat shiny and healthy, and will also give the owner and the pet some bonding time together.

2. Bathing

Cats do not often require bathing because they basically take good care of themselves when it comes to grooming.

However, there are some cases wherein you need to give them a bath no matter how you – and your pet – dread the chore.

You need to bath your cat if the coat has excessive dirt.

Sometimes, a substance that can possibly poison them sticks on the fur and it is vital to give them a bath in this case.

Another instance where you need to bath your cat is in case of fleas, ticks and lice clinging to their skin.

3. Cleaning the eyes and ears.

For the eyes and ears which are the most sensitive areas in your cat’s body, there are solutions that you may use.

Choose one which is specifically designed to prevent cats with light-colored eyes to develop stains.

For the ears, cats collect a considerable amount or wax so you have to take care of it when grooming.

Removing this would maintain your cat’s health and help prevent infections.

There are also cat wipes that you can use for the ears, eyes and teeth.

4. Keeping the paws clean.

Cats are in the habit of scratching surfaces so it is better to keep them away from the furniture items in the house. It would also help if you keep those paws clean and trim their nails.

You can go to a pet store and buy a nail trimmer specially designed for cats.

Ask your veterinarian for the proper way to trim your cats nails so as not to hurt them in the process.

If you find that your cat exhibits a not-so-healthy clawing habit, you may go for the option of declawing your cat.

This is a surgical procedure where the nails are permanently removed so that it will not grow back.

However, you should still ask your vets advice if you want to go for declawing because with this, cats will lose a natural defense mechanism.

A better and kinder option is to regularly trim the cat’s nails, have them use a wooden post for scratching, or crate-training to prevent them from clawing at your most-treasured possessions.

By following these tips and making time in your busy schedule to groom your cat, you would have a healthy and happy cat and be a happy owner as well.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Using The Correct GROOMING TOOLS For Your CAT

Several cat lovers want to beautify the cats in every way possible. Great effort is needed when implementing it to assure that the pet will be cleaned. One is indeed expected to spend some time upon grooming them. If there are animals in the place then it is always better to groom for better output. Doing it can also prevent those issues from taking place. 
English: A seal lynx point adult male, current...
A seal lynx point adult male (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
For this very reason, it is important to put in mind the right tools for the cleaning. It is vital when you have Siberian kittens for sale GA and those breeds that are there. There are indeed many kinds of tool that you can use to make it easier. The most vital things are shedding blade and a brush.

The importance of using those materials has to be ensured every time. This will serve as a good purpose when collecting those stray hairs on your furniture and the materials such as clothing or carpet. Shedding the hair needs high effort to keep everything in full control

There are various items required to offer help when you wash their bodies. Those are in different forms such as brush that has the greatest features to perform the required action. The best thing is to have a pad that will be scratched on their bodies. Every owner is required to determine their vitality as well.

One should not take it for granted because cats must be groomed or they will have a dirty body that can affect their health. Use the needed brush to do the grooming. There are certain kinds of it as well which are perfect for whatever intention you have. It is very important for you to regard everything in the process.

If matting happens, it is also likely to cause a lot of issues that require you to use the correct shear to remove all mats. You can seek guidance and help of the experts to remove those that stick on their bodies. There are certain benefits that involve the process of grooming or brushing the fur of your cat.

It could definitely lessen the chance to perform shedding for up higher percentage. It can also eliminate the issues when you develop the circulation like oil in your skin and all. It will help the furniture and floor to have no hair and to appear cleaner. This will happen after realizing the significance of those materials used.

The pets can help each other to grab then remove the loose hairs or those undercoats that may become a mess in the future. Proper cleaning can also prevent those issues from happening. There are many products that you may have to develop your skin and hair. This will prevent you from having allergies. This is indeed vital to do in all ways.

All those considerations are only some of the many guidelines that you should consider to make sure that things will be fine. Put in your mind the vitality of having the exact tool when grooming all those pets. You should make it possible by fully determining what to buy and those that you want to avoid.

    About the Author: Della Monroe