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Saturday, September 9, 2017

The Legendary CHARTREUX (Chartreuse) CATS

The Chartreux cat's history is filled with legend although it only gained CFA status in 1987. One legend of the Chartreux says they lived with and were named for the Carthusian monks of France sharing in their famous Chartreuse liqueur.

Chartreux - Robe Bleue - Yeux Ors
Chartreux - Robe Bleue - Yeux Ors (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Recent research indicates their woolly fur gave them the name of well known Spanish wool in the early 18th century. Since naming for the appearance is common, this is probably the true origin. The presence of this natural breed of cat was documented as early as the 16th century, noted for its unique coat color and texture. The Chartreux adopted France, and France, in turn, adopted this intelligent, active breed.

Reputed to be a fine mouser, the well muscled Chartreux fits this description given it in French literature. The Chartreux's blue fur has a woolly appearance medium in length. A dense undercoat gives it the feel of sheep's wool.

This breed is known for its smile, created by a contoured forehead tapering into a narrowed muzzle. The Chartreux's eyes are among its most endearing features, with their outer corners curving upward. Colors within the breed range from gold to copper.

Chartreux kittens are precocious and kittenhood lasts until maturity at about three years old. Almost overnight, they develop into stunning adult cats. Brushing their double coat is not recommended, instead run your fingers through their fur daily and they will look beautiful and it will help socialize your cat at the same time.

Chartreux attach themselves to the family and will follow members from one room to another. They will respond to their name when called and even learn to fetch a ball. These cats are quiet, chirping rather than meowing. They are often fascinated with television and will try to take part in phone conversations inserting themselves into the conversation by distractions, such as cord pawing or chewing.

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