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Sunday, June 25, 2017

Cat Breed - AEGEAN CAT

The Aegean cat, a relatively new breed of naturally occurring felines, was developed in the 1990's in the Cycladic Islands; it is the only species of cat native to Greece. The Aegean is a relatively rare breed although it is prolific in number in Greece itself.

English: The Aegean cat can be house-friendly ...
A juvenile male Aegean cat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Aegean's are of average body size with a strong, robust build; its physique is sturdy and they have medium-sized feet and rounded paws. The Aegean's head is middle-sized, not-rounded and broad; with oriental shaped eyes that can be in any color of green.

Its hairy ears have a wide base with circular tips; the kink free tail is straight and of average length. The Aegean cat's semi-longhaired coat is without down hair; it sheds in summer to be of short length and during winter is thick and rich, providing adequate warmth for the harsh winter climate.
This breed's fur color is either bicolor or tricolor; white is always one of the coat's colors, taking up about half of the body and never yellowing. The other colors include red, black, cream and blue and the pattern is often banded.

Personality wise, the Aegean is bright and astute, with a pleasing nature that endears itself to people; as cats they are active and playful and make for very efficient mouse-catchers! They can be quite vocal and are happy to live indoors most of their lives. This is a very independent cat but they can be quite friendly too; often found roaming the local beach, these cats adore fish and will pester fisherman for some of the day's catch.

Aegean cats make great pets and are quite sociable, often living in small groups. They are a hardy breed that require little attention and minimal grooming.