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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Your RAGDOLL CAT Can Get Very Lonely

English: A male ragdoll cat birdwatching
A male ragdoll cat birdwatching (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Your ragdoll cat is probably a very important and ever-present figure in your life, every time you turn around you probably see the ragdoll following you around of flopped out on the floor, ready to be stepped on if you happen to step back without looking.

The ragdoll is truly a breed that loves people, or at least loves attention and affection, dares to ignore it for any length of time and the ragdoll will surely let you know. Most ragdoll cats are likely to be easy to train, at least easier than most other cats.

It is important that you leash train the ragdoll, as I'm sure you're aware, ragdolls are intended to be indoor cats not outdoor. How many times have you panicked when you thought your ragdoll had escaped and run away, only to find him half an hour later curled up somewhere unexpected?

Yes, ragdolls do not belong outdoors, they may be intelligent creatures, but they also completely lack any common sense half the time. With a ragdoll cat, there is no such thing as street smarts, they will happily run into the road, approach any dog, cat or another animal they can find, or worse - jump into any pools of water. They do seem to love water, it is not unheard of for ragdolls to try and get into the bath or shower with their owners.

Your ragdoll cat may be the cutest cat in the world and are obviously very sweet, but they can be very annoying too. If they wouldn't follow you around all day, then you wouldn't have to accidentally step on a fluffy tail or a paw without realizing it. And if they wouldn't insist on lying on your laptop, every time you want to work or surf the net, you would be much happier.

Ragdolls do love spending as much time you as is felinely possible, they would never leave your side if they had the opportunity, and they absolutely hate it when you leave them alone, all that meowing isn't for nothing, they really do not want to be left alone, and will insist on causing chaos if they are left for any length of time.

Your ragdoll cat can get very lonely and very depressed if you go out to work every day for any length of time, this needy behavior is often the reason the ragdoll cat can end up in rescue centers so often. People are just not aware of the care needed for such a people orientated cat.

Ragdolls are huge cats, especially the males, but the females are big enough too; they just eat and eat and eat, every time you go into the kitchen the ragdoll is right behind you, like a tail, assuming that since you are in the kitchen you must be making him food.

Of course, all your food is their food too, and you won't hear the last of it if you are trying to eat a nice piece of fish, without giving any to your ragdoll cat. The ragdoll just does not give up, he offers your lots of cuddles, you offer him food.

The ragdoll cat is a charmer, a sweet laid-back and loyal pet, buy one who will get on your nerves one day and charm you the next. Purrfect.

Monday, October 29, 2018

Looking Out For Some RAGDOLL KITTENS

English: One of our Ragdoll kittens.
Ragdoll kitten. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Taking care of a kitten would never be a one-sided thing. You have a lot of aspects to consider since it is not a non-living object in the first place. You ought to be able to provide for its needs and that is how you would be able to say to yourself that you have done quite a fair job in here.

For starters, you would have to know the things that they are allowed to eat. Do not rely on the World Wide Web alone with this information about ragdoll kittens North Carolina. It would be best if you can talk to an owner of a pet store since this person is the most knowledgeable one in this side.

Groom your pet based on what people have taught you. Be reminded that you will really have to conduct the right thing in here. If not, then the usual stinky smell will stay with your feline and that can certainly catch the attention of other people. So, exert more effort in here even if it will take you an hour to completely clean this creature.

You must take your time providing them with good oral health. Be reminded that their mouths must be clear of any food particles that can cause them to choke when not attended to. When that unfortunate event occurs, then you only have yourself to blame since you have failed in doing your job as of the moment.

Look for the cat litter which has all of the features you need. Never forget, you cannot just let this animal litter anywhere. You have a home and reputation to protect and your visitors should have no complaints of the smell whenever they come to your home. That is how they will learn to accept that you are a cat lover.

Play with them when they are in the mood. Remember that this relationship has to work in both ways. So, you really have to be more affectionate than ever. Show to your cats that they have a purpose in your life since that is how they would be encouraged to live for a very long time.

Allow them to go outside from time to time. As you can see, balance really has to be present in here. If you would keep them in your house all the time, then they would have a hard time adjusting to the presence of other. When that happens, then that would be another problem on your list.

Buy some equipment that would be useful for their day to day living. That includes a board where they can scratch their heart away. With this kind of set up, they are not going to be irritated frequently unlike before.

Overall, settle to be a perfect pet owner in North Carolina. Yes, it is going to be hard but then, you have to be strong and wise enough to conquer this challenge. If not, then nothing will occur to you and you shall remain lonely for the rest of your life.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


This is a real seal point ragdoll cat.
This is a real seal point ragdoll cat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The ragdoll cat is a large breed of cat, best known for its easygoing and mellow nature. They have long, thick fur coats and markings that resemble a Siamese. Caring for your ragdoll cat should involve a regular feeding and grooming schedule, along with regular visits to the veterinarian for checkups and vaccinations. If you take good care of your ragdoll cat, they will be healthy, happy, and a better active pet for you to enjoy.


Fresh food and water is an absolute necessity for your ragdoll. It is recommended that you always have a bowl full of dry food available for your cat, as well as a bowl of clean water. Wet food is probably not necessary on a daily basis, but it is really up to you, and what your ragdoll prefers. You may need to experiment with different brands and flavors of wet food. It can provide extra nutrients and add variety to your ragdoll's diet. We recommend feeding your ragdoll one of the premium brands of food, as the quality is usually better. Usually, kittens should have a special formula for food, so check with your veterinarian or local pet store if you're not sure.

You should try to clean the water bowl daily, and the food bowl as much as possible to prevent germs and bacteria from building up.


Ragdoll coats can vary in thickness and hair type. The average ragdoll hair is fairly thick and very soft to the touch. The length of the fur can be medium to long.

They usually do a good job of grooming themselves and don't require excessive brushing. It is a good idea to brush them strenuously a couple of times a week to prevent matting of the fur. The other reason for brushing on a regular schedule is if you happen to find a knot forming, you can easily brush it out before it gets out of control.

Ragdolls tend to enjoy grooming and make it easy for you to brush away!


Bathing is not really necessary if regular grooming is done. It may be beneficial to give your ragdoll a bath a couple of times a year, to clean the coat if really dirty or if they have gotten into something that can not be brushed out.

Make sure that you use a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated especially for cats, as regular human products may be harmful to your ragdoll.


Declawing a cat is a controversial subject and one that brings many different opinions. We generally don't recommend declawing a ragdoll unless it will help with the safety within a household, specifically with children. Clipping the claws can be done on a regular basis to avoid damage to your furniture or other items in the house, so if that is your only reason for declawing the cat, your decision should be weighed carefully because it is not reversible.

Keep in mind that if a ragdoll cat is declawed, it should be limited in it's exposure to the outside world. Without front claws, a ragdoll doesn't have much of a defense against other animals or threats that it might encounter.

The litterbox should be kept in a fairly secluded area to allow for privacy, but not so out of the way that it is difficult to access for cleaning. Usually, a laundry room or other spare room serves as a good location.

We recommend scooping out the inside of the box at least once a day and actually replacing the litter weekly. If you have more than one cat, then it may be necessary to clean the box twice daily, morning and night for example.

There are many different brands and types of litter out there, it is just a matter of preference. The main thing is to find something that your cat will use, is easy to keep clean and affordable for your budget.


You should take your ragdoll to a veterinarian on a regular basis according to what they recommend. You will want to get vaccination shots and any other treatments that will keep your cat healthy and safe.

There may be special considerations if your ragdoll spends more time outside, such as pest control and a higher susceptibility to disease. Make sure you discuss this with your vet and work out a plan that makes sense.

Monday, July 30, 2018


Flame point Ragdoll kitten
Flame point Ragdoll kitten (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
You have since wanted a cat, but you could not possibly get one then due to the fact that you live somewhere that it is not allowed. Lately, though, you have relocated and now you have a place where you'll be allowed to have a pet. Before anything else though, you want to know first what things you must do to get everything ready for the arrival of your feline pet.

What you need to do this time is play the part of the responsible owner. Bringing home ragdoll kittens North Carolina is a very immense responsibility. Expect that you are going to be taking care of the pets for the next 15 years or more. Dedicating appropriate attention to how they are supposed to be cared for is the least that you can do to ensure that they have well cared for the whole time.

Know what kind of breed you want to take care of too. There are all kinds of breeds and with all their inherent personalities that can be found around. You want to get some research done so you can know exactly what things can be expected from these different breeds if you decide to bring anyone home. This would prepare you for the things that you must do to better care for them.

Consider the lifestyle that you lead. The cat that you should take care of should be one that is appropriate for the kind of lifestyle that you have. It is best that you get at least two. This allows you to leave your cats at home without having to worry that he might be bored being alone in the house. He is going to have a playmate that he can interact with in the first place.

Make sure that your place is properly cat-proofed. It has to be a safe and sound and secure abode that your pets can freely roam around. You need to omit those things that are likely to cause your cats to get hurt or to get injured. Find out what are the things that you need to eliminate for your home to ensure that you will not always worry about the safety of your kitty.

Try not to buy from breeders. It is always best that you will consider getting the cats that you want from the pound or from a local shelter. This is a really practical choice since adopting is going to cost you less. If you buy from a breeder, you are going to have to pay more. This is a compassionate choice too since you are actually giving a second chance to a pet for a forever home.

Choose a vet ahead of time. There are a lot of concerns with the pets that you will need the guidance and the advice of a vet for. You need to remember that there are a lot of things that the right vet can help you with. Do find one long before you need his assistance so you can choose well.

Find where you can get the supplies for your kittens too. You need to find a store that can sell you the stuff that you need when it comes to caring for your cats. Having a go-to place is always idea so you would not need to have to search long and far when getting these supplies.

Thursday, December 14, 2017


Little Ragdoll
Photo  by roxeteer 
The Ragdoll breed originated in the 1960's when an American woman called Ann Baker rescued several kittens belonging to a feral longhair cat called Josephine. Baker then bred two subsequent kittens from independent litters: one solid black female called "Buckwheat" and one pointed male called "Daddy Warbucks."

Using Daddy Warbucks as a stud, Baker bred a sufficient amount of kittens to launch the Ragdoll breed.

Ragdolls come in an assortment of color patterns. The established colors include blue, seal, lilac, and chocolate. These colors come in any of the following patterns: mitted, bi-color and pointed.

Lately, there's been an influx of new colors and patterns emerging in the Ragdoll breed. Newer colors comprise red (flame), cream, chocolate, and tortie. The lynx, or striped pattern, is also a newer trait that's become very prevalent. Just recently, solid color Ragdolls are being bred.

The Ragdoll's longhair coat is rare for a cat. The fur is soft with the consistency of bunny hair. It does not mat. Ragdolls are born all white and acquire their colors and patterns as they grow up.

The body of a Ragdoll is long, robust, and powerful. These are big cats, the only bigger purebred cat is the Maine Coon. While Ragdolls are long, they are not tall. Their legs are squat and stout.

It's apparent that the Ragdoll is a gorgeous animal, but the cats are most famous for their sociable and passive personality. Ragdolls were named after their tendency to go limp when held, similar to a toy ragdoll.

Ragdolls have been titled "a dog-like cat." They are tremendously faithful and devoted to their owners, often following them around the house from room to room. Many Ragdolls love walking outside on a leash, and they can be trained to play "fetch."

This breed is the best family pet. They are very placid with children and normally enjoy being helped. Ragdolls usually are friendly with other family pets.

They have a soft voice and are naturally not loud animals. Though they do have a distinctive tweeting noise they'll make while playing - mostly with another animal.

Since the Ragdoll is so passive and amiable, they are to be only indoor cats. These cats were not bred to comprehend self-protection, and if let outdoors alone, they will indeed become hurt or taken.
The Ragdoll is also an extremely sociable animal, and would not do well if left isolated for the majority of the day. If the condition at home necessitates long periods of time in isolation, it is greatly suggested that another Ragdoll or pet is obtained to keep the cat company. If not, being alone often leads to unhappiness and nervousness in the Ragdoll cat.

If you are interested in buying a Ragdoll for your family, there are several trustworthy breeders throughout the world. However, always use care when purchasing any animal - whether from a pet store, breeder, or humane society.

Ask plenty of questions about how the cats are bred, reared, and tended to. Likewise, it's always smart to go to the breeder's house and confirm the animals are properly cared for.

Furthermore, it's vital to get all essential paperwork when buying a cat from a breeder. This includes official Ragdoll breed paperwork, all medical paperwork, and any genetic testing done on the kitten's parents.

While Ragdolls are usually resilient and vigorous animals, one disorder to be aware of is HCM or Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy. This disorder has been found in some Ragdoll lines and is fatal.
Always confirm the breeder has tested the parents for the Ragdoll HCM gene before buying a cat. It's better to get a photocopy of the paperwork, instead of a spoken guarantee from the breeder.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Interesting Facts About The RAGDOLL Kittens

Some people would really want to have a pet at home. It makes them feel good when they arrive from work. These little creatures will surely give them a different kind of joy. As a matter of fact, many claims that they can be the best stress reliever. Seeing their cute faces and actions can really help you forget the tasks that needs to be done.

Face of bicolor ragdoll kitten, showing blue e...
Face of bicolor ragdoll kitten, showing blue eyes and inverted 'V' white patch
(Photo credit: 
In North Carolina, a lot of people love to breed some animals. The ragdoll kittens (North Carolina) have been very famous in the United States and even in other countries. The breeders take good care of the kittens to make sure that they will be ready for their next owner. Because of this, people would love to visit the place and see these wonderful creatures.

To distinguish the ragdoll to other cats, you have to see their eyes and their body build. Their eyes are blue and will only matter on what shade of blue it is. They have masculine body that are covered with a bit long hair. Its hair is usually ashed white with a little touch of light brown on its tips in designated part of its body.

Many would consider them as puppies like cats. Their characteristics are also a bit similar with puppies. They usually follow their owners in every part of the house. This breed is also very friendly with other animals and has the tendency to be close to them especially with dogs. Most are low tempered so they dont usually get angry.

When it comes to health, study shows that this breed has one of the lowest rate when it comes to survival. Surprisingly, they have been prone to a heart diseases which is very common to cats. Few of them would experience this disease as early as 6 months and would go severe after 3 years. This is the reason why many will not reach 10 years.

Foods are the basic needs of all the living creatures. This is also one of the reason why many would get sick. For cats, its necessary for them to have a balanced nutrients to keep them going for the whole day of activities. Since they dont usually like to drink water, it would be best to keep their food wet to make sure that liquids will come into their body.

As a wise and responsible breeder, you have to inform the new owner about the things that are necessary for the pet. This will include their traits, foods, health and even a glimpse on how to train them. Part of your responsibility is to check them few days after it had settled in its new home. Owners must also ask as many questions as they can.

In deciding to have a pet, there are a couple of things that needs to be done. These things will ensure the kittens are being transferred without any problems in their health. Another one is the certification that would testify that it has been given to the new owner. With this, everything will be prepared and both parties will be happy.

Its indeed a great feeling to have something with you at home. These creatures will make you feel happy. Every time you arrived home from a busy day, they can come to you and relieve your stress.

    About the Author: Charles West

Sunday, June 18, 2017

RAGDOLL CAT History is Stranger Than Fiction

Flame point Ragdoll kitten
Flame point Ragdoll kitten
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The origins of Ragdoll cats are full of myth and controversy. This cat’s history is often contradictory and confusing; some of the Ragdoll story is just not possible. Other parts we know to be factual. First things first: the Ragdoll cat breed started in California back in the 1960s. It was founded by a woman named Ann Baker. The very first cat of this breed was for all intensive purposes a regular cat named Josephine. Ann Baker noticed something special about Josephine and her offspring.  

She decided to breed for this characteristic. Ragdoll cats get their name from the fact that they go limp like a Ragdoll when held. Ann Baker went so far to trademark the term Ragdoll; anyone who bred Ragdoll cats had to pay her royalties to use the name. 

It is for this characteristic of the Ragdoll cat breed that Ann Baker made her unusual claims. 

Josephine was once hit by a car. On one account Ann Baker claimed she had taken the injured cat to a local University to have her patched up; she asked the University to give her cat new DNA and this is why Ragdoll cats came to be.

Another claim the breed's founder made was that Ragdoll cats feel no pain whatsoever. The reason she gave for this followed suite with her previous claims that the cats were genetically altered and that they were in fact, alien hybrids. Move over x-files, there have been alien-feline hybrids on earth since the 60s.

Other claims made about this breed of cat are that they felt no fear, they are the ideal cat for people with cat allergies, and they do not have cat instincts due to the fact they are alien hybrids.
When it comes to myths about Ragdoll cats, ragdoll history is truly stranger than fiction.

Author: Louie Latour