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The southern tier of the Eastern United States is a popular hunting area for big game such as wild boar and black bears. Throughout these states, there are a number of regional areas where particular breeds are or have been developed and have built a reputation for their formidable hunting skills. Among these breeds is the legendary Black Mouth Cur. This particular breed of dog has become solid enough in its bloodline and true enough in type to have "made a name" which has spread beyond its original territory and can be recognized as a breed by its markings and structure.

It is recognized by the United Kennel Club. This Black Mouth Cur is noted for its proficiency at hunting but also is quite useful as a cattle dog and actually is registered as a member of the Herding Group. When hunting, the dog is apt to catch and kill the medium sized and small game on his own and will hold the large game at bay successfully. When after coon, he will trail them and tree them silently, alerting the hunter of his success with only one or two deep and resounding barks.

The color of the Black Mouth Cur is usually yellow. Often he is called the Yellow Black Mouth Cur. As a matter of fact, the Disney Movie "Old Yeller" used a black Mouth Cur as the dog in the movie. A black muzzle is the reason for his name and is the preferred marking. He also will have low hanging black ears. The coat can be of two types, double or single but must be yellow. The tail if not docked is quite long. When the Black Mouth Cur hits a scent and moves out he can spring from a walk to a full out ground covering stride easily and has the stamina to continue this for many miles. Many of his admirers feel that he is among the swiftest of the trailing scent hounds of the Southern States.

This is a breed with strong protective instincts. He is affectionate and quite loyal to the children in his human family and often lets it be known that he is displeased if they are disciplined. He is more inclined to be familiar and loveable to the women in the household, being aloof with the men and wary of strange men. For all of his strength and persistence on the hunt, he is still a gentle and loyal dog and has what is known among dog folks as a "soft temper". Words spoken harshly to this dog are not nearly as effective as gentle tones, for he will do anything to please his master. He has a stable temperament and although he is exceedingly loyal and protective he will not attack any human without severe provocation. However animals are another thing entirely and he is not be trusted with other non-dog pets in the household, as he may seriously consider them for his dinner.

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