Sunday, March 18, 2018


Black Mouth Cur - Photo: Pexels

Weight: Male: 55-95, Female: 40-80 lbs
Height: Male: 22-28, Female: 18-26 inches

The Black Mouth Cur was first bred in the Southern part of the United States. These dogs were intended to be very versatile working dogs. This breed has excellent hunting skills, especially for the hunting of squirrel, raccoon, bear, boar, and mountain lion. The Black Mouth Cur is also used for the herding of cattle, and also as guard dogs. These dogs are primarily working dogs, but they also make fine companions.

It is well known that the Black Mouth Cur makes an excellent hunting dog, and many hunters prefer these dogs above any other. Some of their preys include boar, bear, coon, squirrel, and deer. This dog will never back away, and will kill and catch medium-sized game without any hesitation. The Black Mouth Cur is also very capable at treeing and baying and will almost never trot. When hunting, the Black Mouth Cur will either walk or engage in a ground-covering run. These dogs are enthusiastic hunters, but they can also her cattle if needed. Although these dogs are persistent and intense when working, they are very protective and kind toward their families. You will find that they are devoted and without fear, and they love to please their master. The male dogs are particularly loving toward women, but wary toward strange men.

The Black Mouth Cur has short hair, and they are very easy to groom. They can be combed and brushed to remove their dead and loose hairs. These dogs should only be bathed when necessary, as excessive bathing will dry out the skin and will result in skin problems. Their ear canals should also be kept free of hair, and their toenails should be clipped.

This is a breed that is very sensitive and clever. It is recommended that they receive proper obedience and socialization training. This is a dog that will not react well to cruel and unkind training methods. The Black Mouth Cur will do best with training sessions that are diverse and not too long. The training environment for these dogs should also be respectful, fair and consistent. The Black Mouth Cur is very voice sensitive, and a stern voice should be used carefully for the best results to be obtained. This breed should be trained as soon as they arrive at your home. The Black Mouth Cur should not be left alone with other animals.

Health problems
The Black Mouth Cur has no known health issues.


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