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Friday, April 13, 2018


Blue Lynx Point Javanese Cats - Adult and Kitt...
Blue Lynx Point Javanese Cats - Adult and Kitten Females (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Javanese is a long and slender breed amongst longhaired cats. The pretty feline is very much similar to the Balinese breed of cats, except for the former's rich array of versatile colors. A spontaneous mutation of the Siamese, Javanese breed is classified to include all those felines that fall out of the blue, chocolate, lilac and seal colors of the Balinese. Hence the name Javanese is used, based on the island Java, next to Bali.

A lithe but muscular cat, Javanese is an athletic and surprisingly heavy animal. It is one of the long-haired felines though it is its rich tail that displays true plush. Body is light in color with markings occurring in the typical points, in colors ranging from red, cream and lynx to tortie and tabby variations. Head is wedge-shaped with proportionately oriented ears and slightly slanted eyes to accommodate the shape of the skull. Body, overall, is long and sleek.

With their single layered coat, Javanese don't require much grooming. Their hair doesn't shed nor matt easily. They are quite talkative and meow regularly as part of their expressive nature, though this attribute is not universal amongst all members of this breed. Interestingly, it has been suggested that the individual personalities vary with the fur colors.

Intelligent and inquisitive, Javanese are quite playful. They require attention and company and sometimes get overweight if not monitored. Affectionate animals, they attach themselves readily to people and thrive amidst them. Active and busy cats, they are often on the lookout for high places to perch and survey their 'territory'. Javanese are fearless felines and their curiosity often leads them into odd places and narrow crevices. Despite this dynamic nature, they have a warm personality and adjust readily to their owner's routine to provide company and affection to their adoring humans.