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BICHON FRISE - Perfect Apartment Dog?

Deutsch: reinrassiger Bichon Frisé
Bichon Frisé (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The Bichon Frise is a white powder puff of a dog with black eyes, eye rims and halos, lips, nose, and footpads. Known for less barking problems than other small dogs, the Bichon Frise is a charming dog as a pet but you need to adjust to certain life routines as this particular breed do need attention. Today the Bichon Frise is primarily a companion and show dog. An independent, affectionate, charming breed, the Bichon Frise is very social and is competitive and obedient.

Breed Characteristics
A cheerful attitude is the hallmark of the breed and one should settle for nothing less. Structural faults common to all breeds are as undesirable in the Bichon Frise as in any other breed, even though such faults may not be specifically mentioned in the standard. Any color in excess of 10% of the entire coat of a mature specimen is a fault and should be penalized, but the color of the accepted shadings should not be faulted in puppies. On March 5, 1933, the official standard of the breed, as written by Madam Abadie of Steren Vor Kennels, was adopted by the Societe Central Canine de France. The International Canine Federation recognizes the Bichon Frise "as a French-Belgian breed having the right to registration in the Book of Origins from all countries". When seeking a Bichon be sure to find a reputable breeder to get the best personality traits this breed has to offer. Another way to locate a quality breeder is to contact your local Bichon Frise club.

Puppies are very fragile creatures and can easily break bones if they are dropped, kicked, or fallen on. Puppies commonly have the buff, apricot or cream color on their ears or head that will almost always fade to complete white. Puppies learn valuable lessons in the first eight weeks of life from their mothers that cannot be learned from anyone else or at any other time in life. As puppies, some Bichons have beige to apricot markings on the head or body, but this color usually fades during maturity. Talk to different breeders and ask them about their puppies and temperament of the dogs what care and needs are needed for their specific breed. Then check out dog rescue agencies, adoption dogs for sale and puppies for adoption as they would all make great pets. Pride and integrity are an integral part of raising great Bichons and placing beautiful puppies in qualified homes.

Because dysplastic dogs often produce dysplastic puppies, buyers should ask if both the sire and the dam of the puppy in which they are interested to have been rated clear of hip dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals or by Penn HIP. Because of the Bichon Frise Puppies lively personality, they usually get along well with most other animals in the household. These puppies are best house-trained in a suitably sized dog crate; one that is big enough for an adult Bichon to stand and turn around freely.

The Bichon Frise is an intelligent breed, but they typically are difficult to housetrain. Housetraining is not difficult provided you follow instructions and set aside some time to do it right. Crate training makes it much easier to house train the dog. The Bichon Frise dog can become spiteful and stubborn if he isn't treated with positive training methods and lots of love. Without having to spend a small fortune and without having to spend hours grooming and training. This personality-filled and intelligent companion will definitely require guidance and loving training to become an exceptional performer (no doubt, it's his/her nature) that also doubles as your best friend. Plus training your dog is not only for your benefit, but also for your Bichon Frise's happiness, health, safety, and overall well-being. Consistent, firm, caring and positive love is important in training your Bichon Frise. Basic obedience training should be commenced as early as possible to ensure that the Bichon develops into an enjoyable friend and is acceptable to society in general.

The right dog for you?
Though not much of a guard dog, the Bichon Frise is a more than respectable watchdog. The Bichon Frise is a companion that has been compared to a cloud, but not because he is a lightweight. The Bichon Frise is similar in size to many toys at 9-11" and finely built he is a merry little dog who is lively enough to enjoy playing with children but perhaps not one too well-suited for country rambles. The average lifespan of the Bichon Frise is about 14 years. The Bichon Frise is known as a friendly and playful dog that is rarely aggressive. The Bichon Frise is suited to anyone who wants a companion dog.

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Feeding Your PIT BULL TERRIER Table Scraps: DOG HEALTH Tip

Photo Wikipedia
While it is often hard to tell your Pit Bull no when he begs for your food, you should be strong and do so. Feeding your Pit Bull table scraps is a bad idea for several reasons. The obvious reason is that you will be encouraging him to beg at the dinner table, you will be feeding him an unhealthy diet which can lead to health problems, and also teaching him that it is okay to eat whatever he may want.

If you give in when your Pit Bull begs for your food, especially if you are at the table, he will think that behavior is okay, and will associate it with getting what he wants, table food. Giving in will help reinforce bad behavior. It may be okay with you that he begs while you eat, but can be very annoying if you ever have dinner guests over.

Feeding your Pit Bull table food also can contribute to many serious health problems. The food we eat is often considerably higher in calories than what he needs to meet his nutritional requirements, therefore leading him to be overweight. Studies show that over half of today’s pets are considered obese. Obesity often causes the same health problems in animals as in humans. Table scraps are usually low in vitamins and nutrients and can overload your Pit Bull’s system with fat causing stomach and digestion problems. Many foods that we eat contain toxins that are safe for us but can be detrimental to your Pit Bull’s cardiovascular system. If you still intend to feed your Pit Bull table scraps, consult your veterinarian so he can let you know what foods to stay away from. You will always be safer only feeding him dog food and treats, as these are formulated specifically for him with all of the nutritional requirements in mind.

By allowing your Pit Bull to eat food other than dog food, you are encouraging him that it is okay to eat whatever he wants. This can be deadly if he were to come into contact with antifreeze, deadly household chemicals and poisons, or many toxic plants. He doesn’t know these things are bad for him, just that he wants to eat them. As you let him explore other foods, he will want to taste everything he comes into contact with.

To ensure your Pit Bull’s health, you should really only feed him food that is intended for dogs. Again, you talk to your veterinarian, but to me, it is too risky. Your Pit Bull’s health should be the number one priority, and just like children, he doesn’t know what is best for him, you have to make those decisions.

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Cat Training With A CLICKER

Clickers used for clicker training Taken by Elf
Clickers used for clicker training Taken by Elf
(Photo credit: 
Clicker training is a reinforcement or reward for a cat when training them. Clickers are used most often for support when training a cat for a reward. Cats associate the clicker with a good behavior they will use for a long time. Clicker training is associated with a classical condition (they associate the sound with food.) and operant conditioning (cat performs movement to receive food).

Why use a clicker and not tell a cat or make a sound to get your cat to do a trick? A clicker has a sound a cat can hear and associate good behavior. With words, our tones in our voice can change from time to time, which a cat can become confused with the training. With talking for the commands, a cat could mistake the commands. With using a clicker, it is more of a training tool to get the behavior started with the cat. Then you can put the clicker away for that behavior or trick once a cat has learned the behavior.

When taking the cat out for a walk or on a trip, the clicker is a good item to carry along with you. Cats can get distracted by other people or animals in the area. With using the clicker, it will reinforce the behavior that you have taught them. In addition, a clicker can help you with having your cat walking with you instead of wandering around.

With the clicker, a cat can be trained using three easy steps: Get a behavior, mark a behavior, and reinforce the behavior. Get a behavior is the first step. A good example would be for the cat to jump a hoop. The cat will have to know that when you click that they get a treat. Start with very small treats in your pocket. Clicks, Treat, Click Treat do this for a few times until you see the cat coming for the treat on the click. Next marking the behavior: You will have to show the cat the hoop. Once the cat touches the hoop, click, treat. Then show the cat to go through the hoop once it does click, treat. Continue to do this until the cat goes through the hoop on its own or your command. Reinforce the behavior Remember to have snacks handy so when you do see your cat go through the hoop a snack is available.

Training a cat with a clicker can be fun for both you and the cat. Taking steps in training will be rewarding to you and the cat. Try not to rush a cat in training, as they can become confused especially if they did not get the step before down. The training will take time and steps to achieve this behavior. Patience, love, and rewards will be the key factor in training your cat.

The clicker is a good exercises tool for a cat. 10 to 15 mins a day you should get your cat to exercises. For exercising, you can have the cat use a hoop, play with a toy, and climb on the scratching post or something that focuses on the cat getting exercise. Exercises will help the cat to stay healthy and help to keep it out of mischief.

Clickers can come with books to help you train, treats, and a clicker. Clickers come in many different size shapes, and color. You will want to research the clickers out. Check out a pet store, Internet sites give lots of information on training and using a clicker. Check out companies that make the clicker by using the Internet to see what kind they offer and any additional information that you might need to get the process of training done. Check out articles about the clicker. Talk to someone that has used one. Talk to your area veterinary about training with a Clicker

Once you have used a clicker, the cat will get good exercise and be a healthy cat. The cat will be happier and you will be happier with the new behaviors that you have taught your cat.

To sum up, training your cat, important things to remember is to have patience, love and the clicker.

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What You Should Be Aware Of When It Comes To DOBERMANS For Sale

A female Doberman Pinscher.
A female Doberman Pinscher. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
There is an increasing number of people that opt to get a Doberman as a pet. There are a number of things which you should know about when trying to locate dobermans for sale. This breed of dog tends to be loyal and very dependable towards their owners. If you thinking about getting a Doberman puppy and want it to grow into a healthy adult that will be happy it is important to be careful about where the puppy is sourced from.

Dobermans are a very nice breed of dog and over recent years they have become very popular. It is very important to be aware of the close bond that this breed of dog will adopt with its owner. This breed of dog tends to adopt a strong bond with only one person for the whole of their life.

Once the bond has been established the dog will be very loyal and protective towards all members of the family. This is not a breed of dog that can be left alone for long periods of time, therefore, they should are not suitable for people who do not have a lot of time that they can devote to the dog.

If you are one of the people who are determined to have a Doberman as their companion then it will not be difficult to find places to get the puppy. Although there is an endless list of places where you can get a puppy from it can be hard to find a reputable source for the puppy.

Although it can be cheaper to get a puppy from a flea market, pet shop, puppy mill or yard sale it is best to avoid doing this, as the people selling puppies here do not really care about the dogs and their welfare. Buying a puppy at one of these places could mean that you get a pup that is unhealthy or suffering from health or behavioral problems.

It is important to learn all of the required information before going to get a puppy. Having a good understanding of the breed will make it possible to choose a puppy that will be a healthy happy addition to the family. It is fair to say that getting a dog from a breeder may cost more however in most cases it will be a healthier dog and this will, therefore, save you money over the longer term. There are some health issues relating to this breed and it is important to be aware of these prior to getting a dog.

If you already aware of where to find a Doberman puppy then it will be quite easy to adopt one. A good source to get a puppy from would be a good breeder and there will probably be some in your local area. A list of good breeders can be obtained from the local vets or the Doberman Club. Although it will probably cost more money to purchase the puppy from a good breeder this source will reduce the risks considerably and could even save you some money.

Depending on where you live the docking of the tail and cropping of the ears may be illegal. When it comes to things like this it is very important to check the laws for your area. There is an increasing number of people who are viewing this as being a cruel and unnecessary practice.

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BELGIAN TERVUREN - An Energetic Worker

English: Tervueren sitting, showing characteri...
Tervueren sitting, showing characteristic black tipped fur (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
One of four Belgian Sheepdogs, the Belgian Tervuren is often mistaken for a German Shepherd because they closely resemble each other in size, coat and color. It is pronounced Ter-VER-en. The Belgian Tervuren is recognized as its own breed by the AKC, but many countries consider all four Belgian Sheepdogs to be one breed even though there are noticeable differences in everything from coat to size to color.

Also known as a "Terv" by their owners, the Belgian Tervuren is named for the Belgian village of Tervuren. They were traditionally used as cattle and sheep herding dogs. They have also been used as police dogs and in narcotics detection, bomb detection, search and rescue and as therapy dogs. While two of the Belgian Sheepdogs are still used more as working dogs, the Belgian Tervuren and Belgian Groenendael are both seen more as companion dogs today.

They are a medium to medium-large breed. They weigh between 45-75 pounds and are anywhere from 22" to 27" in height. They are an energetic, powerful breed that enjoys exercise and play. Because of their high energy and size, they are not ideal apartment dogs but are perfect for families with large yards or those who have access to parks or fields where they can run.

Their coat color is recognized by the AKC in the colors of a mahogany or fawn base with black tips, mask and ears. A small amount of white on nose, chest and chin is permissible. The long, straight, thick and harsh outer coat and soft dense undercoat need daily grooming to prevent matting and knots. They shed throughout the year, but it is typically light shedding.

As a guard dog or family dog, the Belgian Tervuren is protective, loyal and highly intelligent. They are energetic dogs that need plenty of exercise and activity whether they are working on the farm or kept mainly as a companion dog. They need to be socialized and trained from an early age. The earlier they are introduced to children, dogs and other pets, the better they will do. They might be dominant towards other dogs. It is important to research a Belgian Tervuren's history before making a purchase to ensure that there is no aggression found in their lineage. Give your Belgian Tervuren plenty to do and they will be happy. A bored Belgian Tervuren can be a bit destructive as they will find a way to fill their time.

If you are an energetic family looking for a dog that will enjoy an activity and outside plays, then the Belgian Tervuren is a perfect breed for you. They will match you step for step in running or walking. They will be protective of you and your home and make awesome watchdogs. If you are looking for a farm dog and family companion all rolled into one, any of the Belgian Sheepdogs including the Belgian Tervuren will be ideal for you.