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The southern tier of the Eastern United States is a popular hunting area for big game such as wild boar and black bears. Throughout these states, there are a number of regional areas where particular breeds are or have been developed and have built a reputation for their formidable hunting skills. Among these breeds is the legendary Black Mouth Cur. This particular breed of dog has become solid enough in its bloodline and true enough in type to have "made a name" which has spread beyond its original territory and can be recognized as a breed by its markings and structure.

It is recognized by the United Kennel Club. This Black Mouth Cur is noted for its proficiency at hunting but also is quite useful as a cattle dog and actually is registered as a member of the Herding Group. When hunting, the dog is apt to catch and kill the medium sized and small game on his own and will hold the large game at bay successfully. When after coon, he will trail them and tree them silently, alerting the hunter of his success with only one or two deep and resounding barks.

The color of the Black Mouth Cur is usually yellow. Often he is called the Yellow Black Mouth Cur. As a matter of fact, the Disney Movie "Old Yeller" used a black Mouth Cur as the dog in the movie. A black muzzle is the reason for his name and is the preferred marking. He also will have low hanging black ears. The coat can be of two types, double or single but must be yellow. The tail if not docked is quite long. When the Black Mouth Cur hits a scent and moves out he can spring from a walk to a full out ground covering stride easily and has the stamina to continue this for many miles. Many of his admirers feel that he is among the swiftest of the trailing scent hounds of the Southern States.

This is a breed with strong protective instincts. He is affectionate and quite loyal to the children in his human family and often lets it be known that he is displeased if they are disciplined. He is more inclined to be familiar and loveable to the women in the household, being aloof with the men and wary of strange men. For all of his strength and persistence on the hunt, he is still a gentle and loyal dog and has what is known among dog folks as a "soft temper". Words spoken harshly to this dog are not nearly as effective as gentle tones, for he will do anything to please his master. He has a stable temperament and although he is exceedingly loyal and protective he will not attack any human without severe provocation. However animals are another thing entirely and he is not be trusted with other non-dog pets in the household, as he may seriously consider them for his dinner.

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Black Mouth Cur - Photo: Pexels

Weight: Male: 55-95, Female: 40-80 lbs
Height: Male: 22-28, Female: 18-26 inches

The Black Mouth Cur was first bred in the Southern part of the United States. These dogs were intended to be very versatile working dogs. This breed has excellent hunting skills, especially for the hunting of squirrel, raccoon, bear, boar, and mountain lion. The Black Mouth Cur is also used for the herding of cattle, and also as guard dogs. These dogs are primarily working dogs, but they also make fine companions.

It is well known that the Black Mouth Cur makes an excellent hunting dog, and many hunters prefer these dogs above any other. Some of their preys include boar, bear, coon, squirrel, and deer. This dog will never back away, and will kill and catch medium-sized game without any hesitation. The Black Mouth Cur is also very capable at treeing and baying and will almost never trot. When hunting, the Black Mouth Cur will either walk or engage in a ground-covering run. These dogs are enthusiastic hunters, but they can also her cattle if needed. Although these dogs are persistent and intense when working, they are very protective and kind toward their families. You will find that they are devoted and without fear, and they love to please their master. The male dogs are particularly loving toward women, but wary toward strange men.

The Black Mouth Cur has short hair, and they are very easy to groom. They can be combed and brushed to remove their dead and loose hairs. These dogs should only be bathed when necessary, as excessive bathing will dry out the skin and will result in skin problems. Their ear canals should also be kept free of hair, and their toenails should be clipped.

This is a breed that is very sensitive and clever. It is recommended that they receive proper obedience and socialization training. This is a dog that will not react well to cruel and unkind training methods. The Black Mouth Cur will do best with training sessions that are diverse and not too long. The training environment for these dogs should also be respectful, fair and consistent. The Black Mouth Cur is very voice sensitive, and a stern voice should be used carefully for the best results to be obtained. This breed should be trained as soon as they arrive at your home. The Black Mouth Cur should not be left alone with other animals.

Health problems
The Black Mouth Cur has no known health issues.


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What Is An AKITA Dog?

English: Japanese Akita-Inu.
Japanese Akita-Inu.
Photo credit: Wikipedia)
When people refer ask what is an Akita dog, they are usually talking about the American Akita. Originating from the northern Japanese mountain region. Japan and many other countries consider the American Akita a separate breed from the Akita Inu (Japanese Akita) America and Canada however, draw no such distinctions and consider the American Akita and the Akita Inu as two different types of the same breed.

The American Akita is easily distinguishable from the Akita Inu which is much smaller. The American Akita is heavy boned and has a big bear-like head. Its double coat is from its origins in the Japanese mountains. Its eyes are small for its size and dark and the tail always gives it away as it curls over the back. They weigh between 70 to a 100lb. this is a big powerful dog.

The American Akita radiates an air of aristocrat power and dignity, it is alert and courageous with an extraordinary devotion to its family. This is a loyal dog that will protect its family without hesitation. It's also a very territorial dog that can be aggressive with strangers.

The American Akita has some feline characteristics. It is fastidiously clean and washes its face like a cat. It also doesn't have that "doggy" smell to it.

The American Akita is a large powerful dog that can be stubborn and requires careful handling from a strong assertive owner. You shouldn't have an Akita unless you are an assertive person. The dog is very clever and will soon pick up any fear or doubt in you. If it detects that you are weak it will take over and seek to control you and the house. If this happens your ownership of the dog will not be nice, to say the least.

Akita dogs are headstrong and aware of their power, this makes them very challenging to own. Brought up to work alone or at the most in pairs, They are unreliable off the lead in the company of other dogs and are liable to attack other dogs, especially male dogs.

This natural tendency can be overcome with good and persistent training. It requires constant reinforcement training. The Akita will thrive in a relationship where its master respects and loves it. It will not be happy if it is left in a yard without any interaction with its family. It's a dog that needs plenty of love and affection. If you don't have the time to provide this then get another dog.

The Akita needs a strong owner for the relationship to prosper; it must know and acknowledge the owner as pack leader. Think carefully before getting an Akita. It requires a lot of training. If you are prepared to give it that training and constant love then the Akita will prove to be a loyal and true friend and protector of you and your family. I hope this article has gone some way to answering the question "What is an Akita Dog?"

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British Shorthair Cat - Cats of the World

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The PUG - Little Dog in Charge

Closeup of a pug's face. {| align="center...
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Small and spunky, the pug dates back over 2000 years. Their story is rich in history and they have been favorite subjects for many painters. They weigh between 14-18 pounds and are 10 inches to 14 inches in height. They are known as Mops in Germany and Carlin in France.

The Pug comes in many colors including black, apricot-fawn or silver. They are AKC recognized. Their short, smooth, glossy, fine coat is very easy to groom. They only need an occasional brushing and only need to be bathed with necessary. Be sure to clean the creases in their face regularly. Pugs have been known to love attention and they typically enjoy the attention that a good brushing gives them. Their curly tail, flat muzzle, and prominent eyes are three of their best-known appearance traits.

Born to be a companion dog, the Pug loves attention and being with their family. They need a family that will not leave them alone for long periods of time on a regular basis and does best in homes where someone is around most of the time. They are a lap dog and enjoy relaxing with their family, but they also have an energetic side and need plenty of play time. Be sure that you don't overexert them. They are happy-go-lucky little dogs. They do well with other pets and dogs, but early socialization is recommended. They have an *I'm in charge* attitude with their family and other pets. Due to this reason and their small size, they work best with older, well-behaved children. They will let you know if they hear an unfamiliar sound or if someone is at the door making them excellent watchdogs.

Dating back to 700 BC, the Pug originated in China. There is a debate among many groups as to which dogs were used to develop the pug. Pugs were mainly used as companion dogs for royalty and nobility. They were introduced to Europe through trade ships traveling between China and Europe. It is said that a Pug saved the life of William, Prince of Orange by alerting him that the Spaniards were approaching. Napoleon's wife used a Pug to send a secret message to him when she was in prison. Winston Churchill's wife called him by the nickname Pug. Many of you might be familiar with the famous pug Frank that appeared in the movies Men in Black and Men in Black II.

With their lovable, happy nature and need for affection and companionship, the Pug makes an excellent dog for families looking for a lap dog with a take charge attitude. They enjoy traveling or staying at home as they are happy whenever and wherever they are with their family. Their whimsical looks and nature make them hard to resist.