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Monday, April 10, 2017


Nebelung is a longhaired cat breed that shares resemblance with the Russian Blue cat, apart from its long fur and plume tail. In fact the purpose of breeders initially was to create a cat that looked like the Russian Blue, but had longer fur. 

Nebelung Male, Aleksandr van Song de Chine.JPG
Nebelung Male (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Serious breeding began only in the mid nineteen eighties and so the breed is relatively new. As a result, the Nebelung is still quite rare and not available everywhere. The word 'Nebelung' is German is origin and means a 'Creature of the Mist', with reference to the dreamy appearance of this beautiful cat.

A medium sized cat, Nebelung is a long and muscular animal. Its luxurious coat is double layered and bluish in color, tipped with silver. Head is triangular with bright greenish, slightly oval eyes, somewhat large, tufted widely spaced ears and a blunt muzzle. Neck is long and graceful, and so are the sturdy legs and bushy tail. A ruff of hair is often see around the neck, more prominent in males.

Nebelungs are somewhat shy cats that slink away when it comes to strangers. They are naturally cautious and take time to adjust to a change in their surroundings. They are less comfortable in the presence of too many guests, noise or other rambunctious pets.

Healthy animals, Nebulungs don't suffer from any recurring ailments. Their silky coat maintains its lustre with twice weekly grooming. They are intelligent and affectionate creatures and are quick to establish long lasting bonds with family members. At ease in their settled environment, the lovely felines readily accept other cats into the household provided they share their calm nature. The cute Nebulungs are quiet and peaceful and are quite content to sit in their owner's lap and be petted. They are a source of joy and are much adored everywhere.