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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Learn About MILITARY DOG Adoption

Photo: Wikimedia
Military dogs are no ordinary dogs; they are not the regular dog breeds that one is used to at any given moment. They usually are highly trained dogs that are used in combat. Their functions vary from carrying equipment to the first-line attack; some are even used as spies as they can detect the enemy from afar without causing any suspicion. These traits make the military dog adoption a very suitable companion for military personnel nut when their time comes to be laid off service what next for them?

As initially mentioned the military that we know is some protocol and order and in this case, once the dogs are done with their service, there is some protocol to be followed in the case of adoption of these dogs. They are put up for these programs within the force and if none is interested in these dogs then they usually are put up for these services to other government institutes and if by any chance there are still some dogs left then they are set up for adoption to the ex-servicemen as they have the skill of handling them and finally the general public may take up the last dogs.

Before a military dog is put up for this, a number of factors are considered before its released to the public. One of the main factors in place is the level of aggression on the dog. Highly aggressive dogs are rarely placed for these services because in many cases they cause more harm than good to the general public. In many instances, they are waylaid as they usually are not suitable for the general public.

The level of dependency also determines the release of a dog for adoption. The highly dependent dogs are more likely to be killed or remain in service as they may be trouble for the handlers. The very skilled dogs are also highly dependent as they need constant commands from the owners and the other injured dogs also need constant supervision.

The breed of the dog also highly determines at what age and level they will be put up for adoption, in some cases some dogs are put up for earlier in this program than others due to their expected lifespan. The breed and species dictate how the dog fairs on with life as after a certain period of living it becomes more of a burden than an advantage.

Some combat dogs are adopted at a very early in their life. Not because they do not suite the job but because of their intelligence. They portrayed a high level of intelligence and in most cases, they are put aside for adoption solely for breeding purposes as this line of genes should be passed on to the future generations.

Many of the dogs that are ex-military still have not fully lived their expected lifespan as they were intended to thus putting them up for adoption gives them a second chance to life and by nature the loyal nature of these dogs makes them very suitable partners as they are used to following commands as one should only know what triggers their reactions.

An adoption is an option that almost all dogs in the forces should be given since they all get that new start away from their norms of life. As a result, they also help in saving the lives of many.

    About the Author: Daphne Bowen