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Saturday, October 27, 2018

MALTESE DOGS - Dogs of the World

Maltese Dogs - Dogs of the World

Friday, October 26, 2018

What To Know About MALTESE DOGS

English: A "Vairette" Maltese at the...
A "Vairette" Maltese at the Championship Dog Show, in Birmingham.
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Many people are pet owners. In fact, a lot of pet owners have dogs. These animals are considered close companions to humans. There are numerous breeds that are available in the modern day, including those listed in the toy group. Maltese dogs are a small breed that is considered a toy breed.

Origin and name for the breed are said to come from the Mediterranean nation known as Malta. Still, the name might refer to a defunct town in Sicily known as Melita or an island called Mijet. People who want this type of dog should learn as much as they can about this animal. This is important for ensuring that the animals are properly cared for and maintain their happiness and health.

This is considered an ancient breed that has existed for hundreds of years. Originally known as Canis Mellitaeus, this breed has been called by many names over the years. The origin for the name known today is unknown, although it is thought to have come about in the 1960s. It was officially settled on calling this animal Maltese during the 19th century by the Kennel Club.

This breed is known for having rounded skulls with a finger dome. They have black, button noses and brown eyes. Their drops ears might have long hair and there is a dark skin coloring called the halo that gives this breed an expressive appearance. When these dogs are not in sunlight frequently enough, their noses may turn pink or light brown. This is known as winter nose and typically goes back to black when sun exposure has been increased.

They are expected to have silky and long coats without any undercoats. While some of these animals may have curly coats, this is recognized as a fault and is not common. It is expected that the animals will have a white coat with some ivory color on the ears. In some instances, pure white coats with some yellowing or lemon marks is ok.

This breed does not shed, which is why it considered a good option for people with allergies. Some might prefer coat short. The common cut for these animals is referred to as puppy cut, which includes shaving or trimming the whole body to one short length. Adults range in size from three to 10 pounds and most are seven to 12 inches tall.

These are bred to be companions. They are extremely playful, lively and cuddly. Even as they grow older, their demeanor is expected to remain the same. Some of these dogs could be snappish with small kids and should be watched when playing. Although socializing them while they are puppies can help with reducing this problem. Sometimes these dogs suffer from separation anxiety and need to be close with their owners or other humans.

In general, these are recognized as hypoallergenic. They should be cleaned on a regular basis to ensure that they do not have stained coats. People should research to find out what is involved with owning these animals, including their care.