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Friday, October 27, 2017

The 5 Types of SCHNAUZERS

Schnauatzern - Photo: Pxhere
Schnauzers are a popular breed of dog that has been around for hundreds of years, dating back to the 15th century in Germany. The name schnauzer might seem odd for English speaking people, however, the word "schnauze" is the German word for the snout, so it makes perfect sense as the schnauzer has a very distinct snout with long hair.

Originally, Schnauzers were bred to catch rats and to act as guard dogs for the property. Now hundreds of years after their introduction, there are now 5 different sizes of schnauzers that have been bread with other types of dogs to create another unique breed.

The first of the 5 different types of Schnauzers is the standard schnauzer. The standard schnauzer is a medium-sized dog, standing about 1.5 feet tall and weighing approximately 25 - 35 pounds. 

Throughout history, standard Schnauzers have played an integral role in the times of war, acting as messenger dogs, or as guard dogs to important people or property.

Miniature Schnauzers are another type of schnauzer which is smaller than the standard schnauzer, standing approximately 12 inches and weighing in at 13-15 pounds. A miniature schnauzer is known for being active and full of energy, but yet are very smart. They are great with children and make a good family dog as they are rarely aggressive. These dogs were a combination of a standard schnauzer bred with a Poodle to make it smaller in size. The miniature schnauzer is actually part of the terrier group of dogs and out of all types of schnauzers, it is the most popular by far as they adapt very well to both rural and urban lifestyles. For those looking for a dog that is well suited to the house, a schnauzer is very popular because they shed very little and do not carry odors as much as other dogs.

Giant Schnauzers are just as the name would suggest; Very large versions of schnauzers. They have been bred by Great Danes or Bouviers and can weigh between 65 and 80 pounds. They too have been used as guard dogs and also by farmers to herd cattle. In some cases, they were even used to pull carts of goods, similar to a horse. They may be black and white in color or could also be solid black.

The last two Schnauzer types are toy schnauzers and teacup schnauzers. They are basically the same but differ slightly in size and this is how they are distinguished. A toy schnauzer ranges in size from 7.5 to 10 pounds, while the teacup schnauzer is any full-grown schnauzer that us under 7 pounds. For the smaller sizes that are considered teacup schnauzers, they tend to cost more money than the others as they are rarer.

Whether you're looking for a great family dog for your home in the city or a dog that will be an effective guard dog for your rural property, Schnauzers are flexible and prepared for either task.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

What Facts Do You Need To Know About The MINIATURE SCHNAUZER?

The Miniature Schnauzer, also called just the Schnauzer, is part of the terrier dog breed category. They have a distinct beard, bushy eyebrows, and wiry coat. It was during the late 1800s the breed is believed to have first come into existence and catching rats in homes and barns is what they were originally used for. They're a popular choice as a companion dog for singles and families nowadays.

Features such as their bold and affectionate character are what they are known for. They're assumed to originate from Germany and their earlier ancestors are the Standard Schnauzer, Affenpinscher, and Poodle.

Miniature Schnauzer
Photo by Llima

They are recognized as a small-sized breed of dog. The appropriate male dimensions are 12-14 inches tall with a weight of 13-20 pounds. Their temperament is identified as being alert, playful and sometimes stubborn. They can be unsuitable as a protection dog, as they are generally friendlier than their larger counterpart towards people they're not familiar with. The breed ranks 12th in comparison to every other breed when being taught new instructions, and are known to be extremely smart.

They're good with children, and that means they are suitable as a family pet. Other pets such as other dogs if they're socialized early do mix well with them. Taking care of their coat is a reasonably easy chore. They need a regular brushing of their coat every week, and a proper groom every 6 to 8 weeks. They can easily be suitable for life in an apartment, but like having a small backyard (though doesn't always need one) so they have plenty of room.

They are predominantly long-lived, as with many small sized dog breeds, and have an expected life of 12-14 years. Their most common health risk is eye problems like cataracts or PRA, and they're also susceptible to liver diseases, diabetes, allergies, skin disorders and urinary infections. They take pleasure in hobbies like playing fetch or running around. They have a fairly high amount of energy, which means they need short walks every day to avoid destructive behavior.

You ought to be ready to spend a lot of time with them if you choose the Miniature Schnauzer. They are not suitable for a guard dog, but ideal for almost anyone with time to look after a dog. This particular dog is quite attractive to many dog owners, and one of the most important reasons is seen in that it has a lovable appearance and affectionate temperament that makes it the most popular terrier in the world.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

Key Facts To Understand About The STANDARD SCHNAUZER

The Standard Schnauzer (often called just the Schnauzer) is a working breed. They have bushy eyebrows, a distinct beard and wiry coat. The breed is thought to have first appeared during the Middle Ages. They were initially bred for herding, catching rats and acting as a guard dog. These days they're a popular choice as a police dog, drug detection, search and rescue or companionship. They are believed to have originated in Germany and are a descendant of black Poodles, grey Wolfspitz and German Pinschers.

English: Standard Schnauzer at 9 months
Standard Schnauzer at 9 months (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

They're identified as a medium sized breed. The standard male measurements are 18.5-19.5 inches high and a weight of 45 pounds, whereas the female dimensions are 17.5-18.5 inches tall and a weight of 35 pounds. They're famous for their bold, lively and fun-loving character. They are suitable as a guard dog, as they will protect their family if required though they are mostly non-aggressive with people they're not familiar with. Compared with all other breeds, they are known to be highly intelligent, and are ranked 18th when learning new things.

They're somewhat suitable for a family pet, as they're good with kids (provided they're older). Animals like other dogs who they can become aggressive with don't live well with them. Grooming them is a simple task. They need proper grooming every 6 to 8 weeks, and moderate brushing through their coat every few days. They love having a large, well-fenced backyard so they have plenty of room, but can be suited to apartment life.

As with many medium sized breeds, they are by and large longer-lived with a life expectancy of 12-14 years. Their major health risk is hip dysplasia, and they're also vulnerable to skin conditions. Things such as obedience, exploring, running or traveling will give them enjoyment. To prevent bad behavior, they need very long walks each day due to their high level of energy.

You must be ready to meet their high demands for exercise and leadership if you choose to buy the Standard Schnauzer. They're less suitable for less active owners or those with other pets, but a perfect option for families with older children. Here are a few of the things you'll like about the Standard Schnauzer:
  1. This breed has been pretty appealing to a number of people, and one of the greatest reasons why is that it is friendly towards guests but will still be able to protect your family if required.
  2. One other attractive fact about them is they will go exploring with you anywhere and love to travel.
  3. One more characteristic dog lovers like in regards to them is you don't have to worry about many health problems.