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Friday, October 13, 2017

CORNISH REX Cat - Cats of the World

Cornish Rex

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Information Regarding the CORNISH REX CAT

Cornish Rex - Photo by PJLewis 
Cornish Rex is a feline breed that was first reported in the mid of twentieth century in 'Cornwall' United Kingdom when a very unique looking kitten was seen in a domestic cat litter. This baby was a result of genetic mutation and displayed a singular appearance. It had no outer hair and a different body type than other cats.

The striking appearance aroused interest and breeding of this felid was started in earnest. Earlier efforts were not quite successful and it took some time before healthy cats with consistent attributes were seen regularly in litters. During their development, Cornish Rex cats were outcrossed with Siamese to give them the elegant body form they currently possess. Today they enjoy widespread recognition in most parts of the world.

Cornish Rex cats have a very lithe yet muscular appearance. They may appear somewhat fragile owing to their slender, almost hairless, bodies but are in fact quite hard and strong in their physical make-up. Legs are long and finely built and enable the cat to produce great bursts of speed in no time. Head is small with prominent cheek bones and big ears. Coat is incredibly soft and made up entirely of down hair, or the undercoat. They are curly and smooth and shed very little, leading to fewer allergies for their owners. A number of coat colors and patterns are seen.

Even as they are quite similar to the Devon Rex in appearance, there are certain differences between the two. First is the mutant gene that leads to the characteristic appearance of the Cornish Rex - this differs from the mutated gene of the Devon Rex. Second the Devon Rex has the outer coat of guard hair that Cornish Rex cats lack. Still the Cornish Rex coat is denser. Also the facial appearance is a little different, with the Cornish sporting a distinct Roman nose in contrast to the Devon.

Cornish Rex have one of the best personalities of all feline breeds. They are very active and energetic and continue their playful behavior throughout their lives.