Thursday, March 16, 2017

BURMILLA CATS - Learn More About Them

Burmilla cats are strikingly beautiful. Their parentage is the Bernese and Chinchilla cat breeds. They have a striking contrast between their tipping or shading and their silver undercoat. You will also note that they have delicate Tabby markings on their head, legs and tail. They should have a distinct "M" mark on their forehead.

A male Burmilla cat in the United Kingdom. His...
A male Burmilla cat in the United Kingdom. His name is Ollie :-) Actually, his official pedigree name is Fandango Oliver Hardy and he comes from a long line of show-winners, but he isn't a show-cat. His official colour is blue. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The eyes of Burmilla cats are striking. In fact many people find their eyes to be their most striking feature. These cats always have eyes in a beautiful shade of green with dark penciling around the lids as if they are wearing eyeliner.

These very distinct looking cats are tipped or shaded in one of five colors: chocolate; brown; blue; lilac or black. Their coat can be shaded or tipped.

You will find that Burmilla cats have brick red noses that are also outlined in a very dark color. This makes their faces quite unique. Their hair feels like raw silk and is generally dense. They either have short hair or semi-long hair depending on the variety.

These cats are outgoing, friendly and personable which makes them a joy to have in your family. It is not known as a noisy cat but it is not completely quiet either. They are naturally adventuresome and inquisitive.

You can find a Burmilla cat to adopt or purchase by searching online. They are quite common in the United Kingdom and Australia.

Burmillas do not need a lot of maintenance and are very good with children and other cats. Their personality makes them a joy and they very much become part of your family. You should not have a problem adding one of these cats to your household.

If you are interested in this breed you can do some more research to make sure you can provide a great home to one of these beautiful cats.

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