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The Definition Of A Crazy CAT Lady

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There are some women who are obsessed with cats for a number of reasons. Some genuinely want to help cats because they are strays and do not have anywhere else to go. Others do it because they are lonely and need company. In both cases, society has coined the term crazy cat lady to describe women who have a large number of cats in a small living space.

There might be one woman who lives in the neighborhood and has been single for a long time. She has never been married and she does not have any children. She has a very special place in her heart for animals of all kinds but is particularly fond of cats. So she decides to have a cat as a pet since she believes in taking care of animals.

This woman is usually single and does not have any responsibilities to others since they live on their own. So they use the opportunity to use the space they have in their home to take care of these cats. The main problem is that their home is usually too small to take care of so many cats.

Every time she sees a stray cat, she takes it home with her. She just could not turn any away or ignore them when she sees them on the street. Her house is small and does not have much room, but she believes quite strongly that she was destined to do this. As a result of her dedication, sixty-five cats do not have to struggle to find food to eat and a place to sleep.

On the other hand, some women might take in many cats because they are lonely and need company. They might have been married at one time and are now widowed, and probably have children that are now adults and have moved out. This can cause a person to seek out a way to satisfy the emptiness that they feel and they might do this by having lots of cats.

Due to her need to take care of others, she ends up taking in lots of cats. These women are usually older and live on a pension, so they are not very wealthy, to begin with. Yet, they might have so many cats over a certain amount of time because taking them it helps them feel better about themselves.

As a result, she took in a cat every chance she got. She had so many cats that the neighbors were worried about the living conditions in the house she lived in. Some of them tried to talk to her, but she saw them as threatening to break up her new family, which in her mind is the only family she had at the time.

There might be many other ways to define a woman who takes in so many animals, but the two definitions discussed above are typical. Both of these women have a similar obsession with cats and having them in their home. Some may see this as crazy, but to the ladies, it is simply what they love to do and they will keep on taking in these animals.

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