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4 Interesting Facts About the AMERICAN SHORTHAIR CAT Breed

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American Shorthair cat Romeo
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If you are considering getting a cat for a pet, then the American Shorthair cat breed is one you may do well to consider - especially if a unique cat is one you fancy. This is an opinion that may yet become stronger in you after you get to read our collection of five interest facts, presented as 'did you know' about the American Shorthair cat breed.

1) For one, did you know that the American Shorthair cat breed is the world's eighth most popular cat breed? The implication here is that if you have found yourself smitten by it, then you are not alone - many other people do. The fact that the American Shorthair cat breed is the eighth most popular cat breed in the world is not arbitrary or a product of guesswork. It is based on painstakingly collected statistics, by the Cat Fanciers Association for the year 2007.

2) Secondly, did you know that the American-Shorthair cat is a direct descendant of another popular breed, known simply as the English cat? Indeed, the fact that the American Shorthair breed is only three centuries old or so (although the name is much newer) means that it is more or less a variant of the English cat; seeing that such a period of time is not really long enough to result in the formation of a new cat species. Legend has it that these English cats (which gradually gave birth to the American Shorthair) found their way into the states thanks to efforts by the early settlers to protect cargo in their ships from the destruction of rodents. At a time when technology was not as advanced as today, the only way this could be done was by bringing cats on board, and this is how the English cats found their way into America, where they went on to give birth to the American-Shorthair breed.

3) Thirdly, did you know that the American Shorthair is one of the truly multi-colored cat breeds, recognizable as it is, in more than 80 color patterns? You could find an American-Shorthair that is remarkably brown, just as you could find one that is remarkably white, silver and so many other colors. Clearly then, if the color is an attribute you value in cats, the American Shorthair is not one of the breeds that limit your choices - you will actually find yourself spoilt for choice.

4) Fourthly, did you know that the American Shorthair is the very same breed of cat that was originally known as Domestic Shorthair? Its change of name, from domestic shorthair to American-Shorthair could have to do with propaganda or it could be more practical (to differentiate from other similar cats). That is still a subject of conjecture. What is known for sure is that this is the very same cat breed that was known as the domestic shorthair? Of course, you will have to be a senior citizen to have been a cat fancier when the breed was known by its former name; for the change of name took place in 1966.

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