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The Afghan Hound dog breed is a very distinctive looking dog, and once seen you would not mistake them for another breed. Their height is a substantial 24 to 29 inches and they should weigh between 44 to 59 lbs. Whilst their coat can be any color white markings are discouraged, especially in the head region. There are a lot of Afghan hounds that have facial hair resembling a Manchu mustache, which is known as 'mandarins'.

Another, fairly common, characteristic is hair that resembles a black face mask. With white afghans, or nearly white, but if they display red or black islands in the fur, they are not acceptable as this is indicative of impure breeding. Other distinctive characteristics of the Afghan are a long head hair with the hair shortening, slightly, as you go from the front to back of the dog. There is also a small ring appearance at the end of their tail which is unique to this breed.

The Afghan hound as its name would suggest came from Afghanistan and was introduced to Great Britain in the 1920s. It is believed, via genetic testing, that the original Afghans, known as sight dogs in Afghanistan, had several genetic markers in common with wolves, making them close descendants of the original dog. 

Although the modern hounds were selectively bred, from those originally brought over. The exceptional beauty of these dogs has made them very popular as show dogs, and they are accredited at all major kennel clubs throughout the English speaking world. Afghan hounds were very important early on and formed an important breed in the earliest dog shows and the beginnings of the UK kennel club.

The Afghan tends to integrate well at home, with the family, but can be aloof almost snobbish. It tends to get on well enough with other animals in the house, but when outside it likes chasing small animals. It was originally bred for hunting and when in the open cannot help reverting to type. They are an intelligent dog and will sometimes ignore commands, especially when coming from someone who is not their normal handler, it is more a case that they can see no reason to obey, it is not deliberate disobedience. Because of this trait, probably, they have often been described as cat-like in their attitude. They also have a bit of a tendency towards destruction and vandalism when bored.

Health issues: 
The Afghan Hound has been known to suffer necrotic myelopathy, but this is rare. There only real health issue is they can suffer cataracts.

Given their superb coat and length of the hair, grooming is obviously important to the Afghan Hound dog. Leaving them un-groomed for too long will make the task that much harder when you do brush them. It is best to brush them every couple of days. Whilst home grooming is always possible, if you want your pet to look their best, then take them to a reliable dog salon for trimming.

Living conditions: 
While the Afghan Hound breed was originally a hunter and lived outside, it was in a temperate climate. Their hair is long and luxurious, but they seem to favor warm, rather than just not too cold. They are not really suited to living outdoors, and I am sure you would quickly notice how they like a nice warm, soft bed.

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