Saturday, January 13, 2018


2009 Griffon friends day
Photo by Ger Dekker
Group: Toy
Weight: 8-10 lbs
Height: 7-8 inches

There are three types of the Griffon, the Brussels Griffon, the Belgian Griffon and the Petit Griffon. The Brussels Griffon was first revealed at the 1880 Brussels exhibition and can also be seen in the paintings of Van Eyck, a Flemish painter. Originally these dogs were kept to keep vermin away, but today these dogs are companion dogs due to their charming character. This breed is well-known for it human-like expression and is also very cheerful.

The Brussels Griffon is a very bright dog that is also very alert. This is a pleasant toy dog that makes an ideal companion dog. These dogs are spirited and curious, and they can also be very amusing and entertaining when they want to be. But they will also enjoy just lying on the laps of their owners. This is a very independent dog that also has a controlling streak if they are not rightly taught when young. At the same time, the Griffon is also very receptive, sharp and enjoyable to be around. The Brussels Griffon likes children - but is better if the children they are around are older. Children that are energetic and younger could put this dog in danger seeing that they are so small. This is not an outwardly aggressive dog, but they can be shy with new people and situations. The Brussels griffon prefers a calm setting and will try to avoid confrontation to the best of their ability.

The Brussels Griffon is not a heavy shedding dog and shed very little hair. This is a low maintenance dog that does not require a lot of maintenance. A daily brushing is sufficient to keep their coats in a good condition and to prevent any mats from forming. It is important to also clean the beard around their mouths to avoid cakes from forming.

It is important to be very consistent when training the Brussels Griffon. These dogs lose interest fairly quickly, and obedience classes are very important for these dogs at a young age. A good idea is to make the training sessions fun as this will help to keep the attention of these dogs.

Health problems
The Brussels Griffon does not suffer from canine conditions more or less than any other dog breed. Some of the conditions they have problems with include narrowed nostrils which can sometimes hinder their breathing, prolapse of the eyeball, eyeball lacerations, cataracts and progressive retinal atrophy.

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