Thursday, December 21, 2017

BALINESE KITTENS - The Most Intelligent? It Could Be!

Being around since the 1920s, the Balinese kittens are a variant of the Siamese species of cat. They are an oriental breed of a kitten and have been seen in the Americas. Having been bred with Siamese type, some of these litters with a longer hair have since evolved into the Balinese breed through a series of genetic mutations.

The length of the fur is a good way to tell the difference between a Balinese breed and Siamese one since Balinese cats to have longer fur which is in a single layer, and not in a double layer like most other cats do. This double layer makes the other cats' coat look rougher, like a washboard. This long fur does not interfere with the grooming of the cat, luckily since it isn't extremely long.

The bright sapphire blue eyes of the purebred version of Balinese felines will make you fall in love at first sight due to their sheer brilliance and beauty. Their ears, feet, and tail would usually appear as dark spots on their furry bodies. The Lilac Point Balinese kitty has silver-blue spots just as other versions of the Balinese will have varying color combinations.

The Balinese kittens have the enviable reputation of being the most intelligent creatures amongst the variations in the Siamese breed and are usually seen to be silent. Those who are fond of peaceful moments in their homes should look to adopt this cat breed due to its silent demeanor. Unless something serious is bothering them, they are usually a silent type of cat. And even if they decide to open their mouths and utter a few meows, the sound is much gentler than other cat breeds. They can be expected to live anywhere from 18 to 21 years in a human lifespan. This is quite high for cats which, in general, live for an average of ten to fifteen years.

    By Stan Beck
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