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Basics Regarding Toy HUSKY Dogs

4-year-old BIS winner Kukai, a standard, black and white Alaskan Klee Kai - Photo: Wikimedia
A lot of people have dogs as their pets. These animals are often considered close companions to the family. There are numerous breeds that exist in the modern day, each one has its own special traits. Husky refers to dogs that were traditionally employed for pulling sledges. Northerners considered them distinguished for the fast pulling. Although these are not used entirely for these reasons in the modern day, they are still beloved by humans. They may serve as a domestic breed that people own as pets. The toy husky refers specifically to the smallest version of this breed.

Typically, these dogs are athletic and high energy. They often have a thick coat that may range in colour from copper red to white, black and grey. Huskies are known for having pale blue eyes, although there are some with brown, green and yellow eyes. It is common for these dogs to have different coloured eyes, a characteristic called heterochromia.

Originally this type of dog was bred exclusively in northern regions for the purpose of pulling the sledges and hunting large game. Nowadays, these are available in many regions of the world and may just serve as house pets. It is believed that these animals are direct descendants of wolves.

This is considered a landrace breed and is often owned by indigenous people residing in the Arctic. Huskies are known for being one of the oldest breeds of dog. There are many different types, which are often named based on their origin: Alaska Klee Kai, Labrador, Mackenzie River, American Eskimo dog, American Akita, Canadian Eskimo dog, Alaskan malamute and more.

There is a specific way of breeding that led to the development of these toy or mini dogs. It all started with a woman named Bree Normandin during the 1990s. At this time, she was carrying out selective breeding to make Huskies in compact sizes. Standard dogs in this breed that were smaller than normal were mated in order to propagate their genes so the small size could be passed on to offspring. The American Kennel Club does not currently recognize these small dogs as their own breed. Instead, it recognizes the variation in size among the breed.

Generally speaking, these smaller dogs still carry the traits associated with the husky. These animals are good for families and extremely friendly, even with strangers. They are hard workers and players and known for being gentle. Toy huskies are typically bred to be no larger than 13 inches. Miniatures may fall more in the region of 13 to 15 inches. The standard size of a husky is typically between 15 and 17 inches tall. The small huskies are expected to weigh less than 40 pounds when fully grown.

People can get these animals through various breeders, pet stores and shelters. The cost to purchase them will vary but may be more expensive than standard huskies or other breeds. It is important to do adequate research on this dog to learn what is necessary to keep it happy and healthy. Background checks on breeders are encouraged to ensure no foul play.

A lot of pet owners may want smaller dogs for a lot of reasons. They are generally easier to care for and do well in smaller spaces. People who get toy huskies get all of the same attributes they like in this breed but in a smaller and more manageable size.

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