Friday, September 29, 2017


ACL Pointocurl Fiorentina
Pointocurl - Photo   by     Nickolas Titkov (cc)
The American curl cat is easy to identify: They have ears that curve back and toward the center of their head. This cute little kitty is known for being very friendly and loving toward its owner, while also being trouble free health wise. They don't have many genetic diseases associated with their breed, require very little grooming and come in long or short haired versions.

The American curl cat has a personality just as unique as their ears. They're known for their cute, cuddly -- approachable facial expressions. Most people either love most cat's independent nature or hate it; the American curl cat is anything but independent thought and isn't an animal you want to have around for just a showpiece. They love attention and will go out of their way to get it.

Many owners believe the cat's mischievous personality comes from the fact that it actually takes them 3 years to reach adult maturity. Many breeds will reach maturity not long after they're a year old, but the fact the curl takes so long to mature means they have youthful exuberance well into their life and are known to live for a long time.

The curling of their ears usually happens a day or two after birth and the ears will be permanently set or curled by the time they're four months old. The quality and value of the cat are determined after the ears have set. The more of an inward curl the ears have to make the cat's show capability better, as the curvature of the American curl cat is what they're judged on at cat shows.

Their personality remains intact regardless of their curl though and is well worth the investment to compliment your family. They are great with children and respectful of other pets in the home also.

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