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HAVANESE DOGS - What to Expect

The Havanese dog is a breed that came back from a crisis in the last century to become a popular family pet today. This dog is especially popular in the United States, with some breeders still charging up to $1000 for a pup, despite the fact that the Havanese dog is becoming more readily available today.

Havanese Taimi

Bichon Havanese - Photo by Hemlit

The reason for their popularity is mainly in their personality: Havanese are fiercely loyal, eternally playful and consistently cute entertainers. This makes them a good choice as a family pet for many families, including those with children and other animals in the house. These dogs are also quite brave, despite their small size, and can make excellent watch dogs. One of the best things about this breed is the fact that they never seem to lose their zest for life that they have as puppies. You will rarely see a grumpy adult Havanese dog, but you are likely to see one that is always ready to play.

The Havanese dog is characterized by a submissive temperament that is intelligent and eager to please his master. Unfortunately for Havanese owners, this doesn’t always mean that these dogs housebreak quickly and easily. In fact, the opposite is often true, and Havanese tend to take longer to get through the process than other breeds. To assist in the process, some breeders are now recommending the use of a litter box that contains a hard, cylindrical paper pellet. This pellet can attract the dog to the box, encouraging the pup to use the box earlier and more often.

This has become a popular method of housebreaking a number of toy breeds, including the Havanese. Because this dog has a lot of energy, a fenced back yard will allow him a safe place to run and play. He will also want to spend plenty of time with his family, in play and cuddle time, so make sure you have the time to give him. A Havanese that does not receive sufficient attention from him family may become destructive.

If you are thinking about a new family pet, the Havanese dog can be a great choice for your family. With energy to spare and an intelligent, eager personality, you will find the Havanese to be fairly easy to train and plenty of fun to play with. This dog usually comes with a sweet, gentle temperament that makes him a loyal and loveable pet. However, don’t let his docile nature fool you, because a Havanese can also make a pretty fierce watch dog, at least with the amount of noise he can produce at the possibility of a stranger approaching.

These dogs are not afraid of much, and are always ready to protect their families. If you believe that a Havanese dog might be the right breed for your next family pet, your next step will be to find a responsible, reputable Havanese breeder that an offer you a puppy that will be healthy and bred in the proper way. You can also continue to research the Havanese breed and gather as much information as possible to assist in your selection and care of your new pup.

By Fiona Kelly
Article Source: EzineArticles

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