Tuesday, July 18, 2017

FINNISH SPITZ: Facts You Must Know Before Adopting Finnish Spitz

Breed Description
The Finnish Spitz is a northern breed that resembles a red fox. This medium-sized breed was originally used as a hunting dog, but now they are a bird dog that is used to flush wood grouse. This breed weighs an average between 31-34 pounds, and has a height of 15-20 inches.

The Finnish Spitz has a double coat. Their undercoat is dense and soft, while their topcoat is harsh and long that is one or two inches long. Males have slightly longer and coarser fur than the slightly refined furs of the females. Red gold on their backs, or reddish-brown colors are accepted, preferably bright, with accepted lighter shades on their underside.

(Finnish Spitz)named Ginger
Finnish Spitz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The Finnish Spitz loves outdoors, but can adapt to apartment living if given enough exercise. A securely fenced area should be provided for this breed as they love to run free. Requiring a great deal of exercise, this breed should be taken on a long walk, or a jog, as running around a fenced space cannot satisfy their primal instinct to walk.

The Finnish Spitz is known to intermingle admirably with people, children included. This breed is a delightful member of the family, with the ability to play placidly with children, yet rough with other dogs. Some of these dogs love other dogs, and some may be passive or aggressive, and shy. This breed is highly loyal, and so it should be expected to be moody or shy around other dogs. This dog is known to bark on anything they perceive as unusual. This can be prevented through training, although this can make them excellent watchdogs.

The Finnish Spitz is known to be generally great companion animals. They are protective and loyal, but this tends to make them noisy as they bark at anything that is atypical for them.

With a self-cleaning coat that sheds dirt by itself, the Finnish Spitz does not have a doggie odor on their coats. Regular grooming with a comb or a brush is required to remove dead fur as they are known to be a seasonally heavy shedder.

The Finnish Spitz is a highly intelligent breed that is strong-willed and independent. A highly trainable breed requiring a firm but gentle tone and touch, this dog responds best to appreciation than correction. They easily get bored, so training should be kept short, and appealing. Patience is highly essential in training the Finnish Spitz. Owners may feel as if they are not making progress, and suddenly, they will surprise you. This breed is known to be competent in obedience competition, if trained with reward and a lot of praise.

Bred as barking hunting dog, this breed is known to bark at anything they perceive as a threat. It should be noted, though, that although this breed may be barkers, they are well-suited to be a watchdog rather than a guard dog as they rarely bite. This breed makes a delightful family dog and a hunting dog as well, with a big heart for children.

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