Friday, March 10, 2017

Which Facts Do You Need Know About The ROTTWEILER?

The Rottweiler, also called the "Rottie", is a working breed of dog. They feature a muscular body with a black coat and tan face mask. The breed is assumed to have first appeared in the Middle Ages and guarding cattle and protecting butchers' money is the reason they were originally used for. They are now a popular choice as a guard dog, police dog or family pet. They are recognizable for their reputation as a dangerous dog as well as their strength. They are a descendant of the Italian Mastiff and are known to have originated from the town of Rottweil in Germany.

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They're recognized as a large sized breed of dog. The recommended male guidelines are 95-135 pounds with a height of 24-27 inches, while the female measurements are 80-100 pounds and a height of 22-25 inches. They are famous for their alert and imposing character. They are highly suitable as a guard dog, as they are mostly suspicious towards strangers. The breed ranks 9th compared with all other breeds when being trained to understand new things, and are known to be highly intelligent.

They are protective and playful (when trained correctly) around kids, and that means they are fairly suitable as a family pet. They do mix well with other pets like dogs and cats they're raised with. One simple job is grooming them. They require small brushing of their coat once every week or two, and a proper groom once every 8 to 10 weeks. They love to have at least a small backyard to run around in, but can be suitable for living in an apartment.

They're by and large short-lived, as with many large sized breeds, with a life expectancy of 8-13 years. Their primary health risk is hip dysplasia, and they are also vulnerable to cancer, obesity or parvo as a puppy. Hobbies like having a job, exploring, swimming or fetching balls will give them a lot of enjoyment. They require long walks each day to reduce the risk of destructive behavior due to their medium amount of energy.

If you choose to buy the Rottweiler you must be able to provide consistent discipline and obedience training. They are a perfect option for responsible owners who will be a strong pack leader, but not an ideal option for less confident owners. This breed can be appealing for a lot of dog owners, and one of the main reasons why is it has an imposing reputation and obedient nature that make it a good choice to protect your home and family.

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