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Thursday, August 27, 2015


Food of Italy
Food of Italy (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Food allergies are something that is difficult to identify unless one is well aware of the baseline information with regard to this type of allergy. The main symptoms of food allergies in dogs include the facial itching, limb chewing, belly itching, recurrent ear infections or skin infections. 

Since the dogs consume lot of prepared food materials including various kinds of proteins, fillers, coloring agents and more; in the commercial food materials, the incidences of food allergies are more than one can imagine. Allergic reactions mostly involve the skin or the gastro intestinal tract. 

If you come across your dog itching after the provision of specific food materials, then suspect the food allergy in this animal. However, conditions like fungal infections need to be ruled out in general before the conclusion of itching as a sign of food allergy.

There are many recorded incidences of allergies of dogs to corn or to wheat. However, the food allergies vary from dog to dog.  Read the labels clearly before feeding your dogs with pet food materials, in such occasions.  Too much colored food materials may be avoided since they may cause allergies to your dog.

Food allergies are often linked to the hyper active behavior noticed in the dogs.  Added colors, preservatives, and high fat diet might cause such food allergies in the dogs and hence, one has to be careful in providing new kind of diet to their dogs and closely monitor the dog for any signs of allergy.   

There are many occasions that food allergies might be diagnosed in the dogs but the dog may have other problems like pancreatitis. To rule out the food allergies, observation your dogs everytime you feed them, look for reasons to link the signs of dog with food given, specific signs encountered, differential diagnosis etc. are the important features to be given emphasis. 

What To Know About A CRAZY CAT Lady

Cats are popular among pet owners. Dogs and cats are among the most common household pets that people have around the globe. There are numerous reasons why people like cats and some may own multiple. Crazy cat lady is used to describe a women who dote on these felines. She may have these as her own pets or take in any that she comes into contact with. The term is often used in a derogatory way, but not everyone considers this to be a negative thing.

None - This image is in the public domain and ...
 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
In some cultures and regions, women with cats are considered spinsters. This is particularly the case when they have no husband, children and multiple cats. Many have come to associate these women with people who have trouble being in relationships or finding partners.

Cat lady is often a term that is linked to those who are also animal hoarders. That is, people who have a large number of cats. Many times they have so many that they are unable to properly care for them and they are often ill. Usually these animal hoarders suffer with other mental illnesses that make them unaware of the dangers they are creating for themselves and the animals. They are usually ignorant to the severity of their situation and often interventions of some sort are needed to get the person and the cats the help they need.

There have been famous cat ladies in pop culture and even documentaries or movies that highlight these feline-loving women. Still, this is not considered a positive title to have. Cat lady syndrome is becoming a more commonly used term that is backed by some scientific research.

Studies have found a parasite that is present in some cats. It is known as Toxoplasma gondii and it is associated with mental and behavioral disorders in people. Some suggest that this can have a big affect on the health of cat owners, especially of those who have multiple felines living in their home.

Risk is heightened when dealing with multiple cats, many that are ill. Hoarding cats is expected to result in negative impacts on physical and mental health of pets and owners. It can also lead to problems with the animals and keep them from living happy and healthy lives. Some cats die. Those who survive are often extremely ill. Typically the homes are unclean and owners cannot properly care for each one of the cats.

Those who know people like this should seek help for them. Most of the time they are unaware of the need for changes. In fact, they are often under the false belief that they have control of this situation. This is why interventions are so common in these situations.

Those who are in these positions are often not mentally well. They can benefit from support by others, including medical professionals. It is also important to intervene for the sake of the animals. Although it is not the intent of the cat lady to harm the animals, they do so in these situations. Owning too many animals is unsanitary and problematic, no matter how much care and attention the cats are receiving. People should report cat ladies to help them.

    About the Author: by Olive Pate

Wednesday, August 26, 2015


(Original Title: Maine Coon Cat Breed Facts)

English: A Maine Coon cat.
A Maine Coon cat. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Maine Coon cats, the official state cat in Maine, are one of the oldest breeds in North America. As one of the largest breeds, these cats can weigh between 15 to 20+ pounds. Its distinctive characteristics include a long, thick tail; muscular body; broad chest; and tufted ears. Because of their friendly temperament, they are nicknamed "Gentle Giants" by their owners.

Maine Coon History
Their origins are unknown though several popular stories have been passed along the years. One story involves Capt. Charles Coon, an English captain who frequently traveled to New England with long-haired cats aboard his ship. Upon docking, the cats mated with local feral cats and produced lots of offspring. Townspeople referred to the strays as "Coon's cats".

Another folktale involves Queen of France, Marie Antoinette, who attempted an escape with Capt. Samuel Clough in 1793. Her prized possessions, including six beloved cats, were stashed on Clough's ship. Though she didn't escape her beheading, her cats arrived safely in Massachusetts. The cats were described with similar characteristics to the cooncat. Breeders consider the cats' ancestry to go back to the 11th century with the Vikings. History shows the breed existed in the 1800s as hunting and domestic cats.

In 1967, the breed was officially recognized as a unique breed of domestic cat.

Maine Coon Weight and Size
Maine Coon cats can weigh between 9 to 18 pounds. Males typically weight between 13 to 18 pounds, while females average 9 to 12 pounds. Their large, body shape, rectangle-build, and long hair make them look even larger. They are not full-grown until they reach 3 to 5 years of age. Adults can reach 10 to 16 inches in height.

Their length can be up to 40 inches, including their tails which can be 14 inches long.

Maine Coon Personality
They have several distinctive features, including their long, bushy tail; tufted ears; large, expressive eyes; and ruff around their neck (like a lions). Their eyes are green, gold, green-gold, or copper colors. Their coat is soft and comes in every color and pattern, except pointed patterns, like the Siamese. Their thick fur is shorter on their front legs and shoulders and longer on their back, perches, stomach, and tail. Their tail is often as long as their body.

They have a squared muzzle. They are nicknamed "Gentle Giants" for their affectionate, loving behavior. They are not lap cats, though they enjoy following family members to offer help with any projects. Their playful nature continues in adulthood. Their distinctive meow -- a chirp sound -- lets owners know when they want their attention, to play, or to mate. They are great pets for families. Generally they are indoor cats, and they enjoy interacting with people.

    Sarah is a committed breed owner and enthusiast. She has created 'MaineCoonCompanion.net', a website dedicated to Maine Coon lovers and their pets. 
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Living In Harmony Or At War? Having More Than One CAT In Your House

I have two cats and I can't imagine that either of them would want to live without the other. They live like brother and sister. And I can't imagine me living with just one cat either.

For those that love cats, having just one is never enough.  Instead of having just one cat to call your own, you can have several.  Those who have more than one cat realize that this is a good thing not only for the cat owner, but also for the cats as well.  Cats like other cat company.

Cats in Fushimi Inari Shrime
Photo  by Takashi(aes256) 

Are you considering getting another cat?  Many people wonder if their cat would be okay with another being around.  If your cat is alone for a long period of time, then he may like having a cat around.  Older cats will often develop a new lease on life when there is a new kitten introduced to the home.  Some cats do like their solitude though and territorial issues can cause a problem.

New kittens mean having to go through all the frustrations with training all over again.  You’ll also need to consider the added expense of all the vaccines as well.  IF you add an older cat to the home, this too can be a challenge because the cat will need to adjust to the new home as well as to develop behavioral or health related problems.

When choosing another cat to bring into your home, you do not have to choose a cat that is the same breed at the one that you have.  You may want to take care to choose the right combination though.  For example a Rex with his silly behavior with a standoffish Russian Blue may not be the right combination.  Cats will similar traits can work well together.  The Himalayan Persian and the Maine Coon breeds are so friendly that they are likely to adapt to any even some of the most demanding breeds.

Set up an area for that cat before bringing him home.  He may do better if you allow him to stay in one area until he adjusts.  Allow him to settle in for the day before you introduce him to the rest of your family.

You’ll want to allow the original cat some time to get used to having the other cat in his home.  This may take some time.  For a smooth transition, make sure he doesn’t have to share his own litter box, his food or his toys with the new cat.  There are health reasons as well as feelings that should be thought of here.  Cats who are forced to share a littler box may actually decide to create their own area for a private box.

There are many reasons to have more than one cat.  For many of those reasons, you’ll be able to have that much more companionship with more cats.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

What Are Common Signs of DOGS with Hypoallergenic Problems?

Dog with flea allergy dermatitis; secondary fo...
Dogs that have allergies show many signs including watery eyes, coughing and sneezing, excessive scratching and biting, vomiting, diarrhea, fatigue, and moodiness. When your dog is suffering from allergies, you may notice one or more of these symptoms. Learning what causes these allergies is the first step toward treating your dog and preventing further attacks. 

Many allergies that dogs suffer from are caused by insects such as fleas and ticks, or by parasites. When you bring your dog home from a breeder or from a shelter or pet store, schedule an appointment with a vet as soon as possible. Make sure the dog has all of its shots and that is has been dewormed. This will prevent parasites from causing an allergic reaction in your dog. While you may have to do this more than once during their lifetime, getting rid of the parasites will help your dog’s temperament and keep them healthy. 

If you noticed small red bites on your dog or if the dog has been scratching the same area until bald spots appear, then they may have fleas, ticks, or mites. This allergic reaction is caused by insect saliva. If your dog has open wounds, you should wait until the wounds heal before spraying or bathing them with medicine that kills the insects and their eggs. Take your dog to the vet if this is the first occurrence. The vet may be able to prescribe an ingestible pill that will protect them from future infestation. You may also want to keep your dog indoors during flea and tick season. 

When your dog vomits more than once a week or has diarrhea for more than one or two days, they may have an allergy to dog food. Switching to another brand or feeding the dog softer food may solve this problem. You should take the dog to the vet anyway so that they can make sure the dog is healthy. Extreme diarrhea will lead to dehydration, so make sure you have plenty of water for your dog to drink.  

If your dog’s mood changes suddenly or you notice that they are not as playful as they once were, then you should take the dog to the vet. If the dog has eaten something it shouldn’t or if it is suffering from allergies, it will not want to play as much as it used to. Finding out the cause of their allergy may be difficult because, much like human beings, your dog may be allergic to more than one thing. 

Research your dog’s breed to see if there are specific items it could be allergic to and see if they are present in your home. Monitor your dog to see how it behaves and what it is eating. Sometimes eating too much grass can cause an allergy attack. Once you find the causes of the allergy, take the steps necessary to reduce the dog’s exposure what is causing the allergy as much as possible.  

EntirelyPets Flea and Tick Sale


A dachshund, literally meaning a badger dog -- a breed developed by German foresters to scent, hunt and kill hole-dwelling animals. In the United States, it is sometimes referred to as wiener dog or sausage dog. The dachshund is 5 to 9 inches tall and has an average lifespan of 12 to 14 years.

Wire-haired Dachshund in dog show in Racibórz
Wire-haired Dachshund in dog show in Racibórz (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Explain the physical characteristics of dachshunds?
Dachshunds are characterized by a long body and short legs. Loose skin, long drooping ear, and a barrel-like chest are the other features of dachshunds. They are red, chocolate brown, fawn or black in color. Dachshunds exist in standard, miniature and tweenie sizes. They have short haired, smooth haired, long haired or wire haired coats.

What is the difference between standard and miniature dachshunds?
A miniature dachshund weighs less than 11 lbs, and a standard size dachshund weighs between 16 and 35 lbs.

How to train dachshunds?
Considerable time, patience, and firmness are required on the part of the owners, as well as dog trainers to train dachshunds. It is always advisable to train dachshunds when they are puppies. Dachshunds training should s be game oriented and food-based. These small dogs love it when you praise them.

Do dachshunds require exercise?
Dachshunds require a modest amount of exercise. Dachshund exercises are generally a moderate walk and games in the yard.

How to groom dachshunds?
Shorthaired coats require minimal grooming. But, wire-haired and longhaired coats need regular brushing, trimming and clipping.

Can dachshunds be housebroken?
Due to its stubborn nature, it is quite difficult to housebreak a dachshund. But properly devised training programs coupled with consistency and persistency can transform a stubborn dachshund into a sociable breed. Housebreaking methods include direct method, paper method and crate training.

How are dachshunds with children?
Dachshunds are generally good with children, if they are properly trained and socialized at an early age, especially when they are puppies.

How are dachshunds with other pets?
Dachshunds easily get along with pets like cats, provided they are given proper training and instruction when they are puppies.

    By Josh Riverside
    Dachshund [http://www.WetPluto.com/Dachshund-Puppies.html] provides detailed information on Dachshunds, Miniature Dachshunds, Dachshund Rescue, Dachshund Puppies and more.
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Monday, August 24, 2015

DALMATIAN Puppy - Puppies of the World

Dalmatian Puppy - Puppies of the World


I've always been a pet lover. Ever since I was a little girl and my parents brought me home my first hamster I have loved animals more than almost anything else. It didn't take rocket science for me to decide that I wanted to eventually be a veterinarian, so it was no surprise to anyone that I did indeed pursue my dream of working with animals as a profession. I did surprise people, however, when I coupled that dream with a smaller dream of raising and breeding dalmatians.

A liver Dalmatian
A liver Dalmatian (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I think my love for dalmatians began when I saw the infamous movie about them during my childhood. I think I was mostly intrigued with how unique and beautiful they were. So when it came time for me to purchase my first pet, there was little question of what I would choose: a dalmatian. I quickly found, however, that I couldn't stop with just one. I purchased three dalmatians within six months and was absolutely loving my life.

My dream of breeding and training dalmatians in my free time began shortly after I owned these first three dalmatians. They were such beautiful dogs and they were so easy to train and to take care of. I thought about how magical it would be breed this great dog so that many other people could experience the pleasure of owning what I believe is the world's best dog.

If you are looking into getting a dog for your family's pet, then seriously consider getting a dalmatian. Do a little research to learn about the breed and see if it would fit the needs and desires you have for a pet. Talk with owners of dalmatians and see what kind of experience they have had and what kind of advice they would give to other dalmatian owners. And talk with your veterinarian for their perspective on what kinds of dogs and other pets might be wise for you to choose.

Having an animal is one of the greatest joys and privileges in life. I fell in love with owning dalmatians. See if you might not fall in love with owning them too. They are fun to play with and run with, yet they are not so needy that they take up all of your free time. They love to be both indoors and outdoors and they usually house train relatively easily. There are many benefits to having dalmatians the way I see it. But then again, the way I see it might just be a little biased.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Your RAGDOLL CAT Can Get Very Lonely

Your ragdoll cat is probably a very important and ever present figure in your life, every tme you turn around you probably see the ragdoll following you around of flopped out on the floor, ready to be stepped on if you happen to step back without looking.

English: A male ragdoll cat birdwatching
A male ragdoll cat birdwatching (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
The ragdoll is truly a breed that loves people, or at least loves attention and affection, dare to ignore it for any length of time and the ragdoll will surely let you know. Most ragdoll cats are likely to be easy to train, at least easier than most other cats.

It is important that you leash train the ragdoll, as I'm sure you're aware, ragdolls are intended to be indoor cats not outdoor. How many times have you panicked when you thought your ragdoll had escaped and run away, only to find him half an hour later curled up somewhere unexpected?

Yes, ragdolls do not belong outdoors, they may be intelligent creatures, but they also completely lack any common sense half the time. With a ragdoll cat, there is no such thing as street smarts, they will happily run into the road, approach any dog, cat or other animal they can find, or worse - jump into any pools of water. They do seem to love water, it is not unheard of for ragdolls to try and get into the bath or shower with their owners.

Your ragdoll cat may be the cutest cat in the world, and are obviously very sweet, but they can be very annoying too. If they wouldn't follow you around all day, then you wouldn't have to accidentally step on a fluffy tale or a paw without realizing it. And if they wouldn't insist on lying on your laptop, every time you want to work or surf the net, you would be much happier.

Ragdolls do love spending as much time you as is felinely possible, they would never leave you side if they had the opportunity, and they absolutely hate it when you leave them alone, all that meowing isn't for nothing, they really do not want to be left alone, and will insist on causing chaos if they are left for any length of time.

Your ragdoll cat can get very lonely and very depressed if you go out to work every day for any length of time, this needy behavior is often the reason the ragdoll cat can ends up in rescue centers so often. People are just not aware of the care needed for such a people orientated cat.

Ragdolls are huge cats, especially the males, but the females are big enough too; they just eat and eat and eat, every time you go into the kitchen the ragdoll is right behind you, like a tail, assuming that since you are in the kitchen you must be making him food.

Of course all your food is their food too, and you won't hear the last of it if you are trying to eat a nice piece of fish, without giving any to your ragdoll cat. The ragdoll just does not give up, he offers your lots of cuddles, you offer him food.

The ragdoll cat is a charmer, a sweet laid-back and loyal pet, buy one who will get on your nerves one day and charm you the next. Purrfect.

    By Dave Jameson
    David Jameson is a Ragdoll Cat lover, helping numbers of people to learn secrets of keeping Ragdoll Cats. His site http://MyRagdollCat.com/ quickly grow in popularity rankings delivering great advice to other cat enthusiasts.
    Please, visit the site's Recommended Reading section to instantly discover more about Your Ragdoll Cat.
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Bathing a DOG

Bathing a dog needs to be given more emphasis. This is because of the fact that if you are careless in bathing, the animal may end up having some infections.  For example, if you don’t close the ears with large cotton ball, the water may enter into ear canals and may cause some ear infections with signs like constant discharge from the ears and shaking of head.

English: Bathing the dog in an i settlement. F...
(Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Frequency of bathing actually depends on the breed of the dog. If the dog is of a hairy type like the cocker spaniel, then the bathing is to be carried out once in six to eight weeks. If these breeds are bathed too frequently, then the skin and coat loose the protective characters.  However, when the dog has defecated on the skin due to the frequent digestive upsets leading to diarrhea, to avoid the bad smell, the dog may be subjected to frequent bathing some times by the owners.

Take more care in avoiding some irritant soaps or human soaps. The soap materials used for human beings are not suitable for dogs.  Similarly, many human shampoo products are having some ingredients that are not suitable in the proportions that are to be used in case of dogs. Hence, always try to use the shampoo products that are mentioned mainly for use in dogs. Take more care in using any new product.

Always have good time and patience for products required for bathing in one place with availability of water source.  Dogs love the sprinkling of water, river, and oceans.  Even when you are using bathtub, have everything in one place and then start bathing of the dog. Try to have a leash, conditioner, towel, and shampoo in the bath place.

Conditioner is of helpful to make the combing activity easier later. Bathing should be a convenient activity to both the dog and the owner. This should not be a burden.